A Tale about Bedtime with #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge

Once Upon a time in a not so far land, there was a young girl, who lived with her mummy, daddy and her 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters.

This little girl loved to sleep and did it a lot, however since her mummy and daddy had changed her from a cot to a bed, there had been some issue. You see this little girl enjoyed the fact that see could now climb out of her bed, whereas in her cot she was limited to the amount of freedom she had.

Now her mummy and daddy didn’t mind the little girl getting out of bed and playing in the morning. The issue was that the little girl was doing it when it was supposed to be sleepy time. Which caused problems when it came to putting her older sisters to bed.

So mummy and daddy came up with a plan. They were going to teach the little girl the difference between Bedtime and Awake time but to do this they needed a routine to help the little girl realise when it was bedtime.

They started by giving the little girl a nice warm, sleep well bubble bath (Because mummy and daddy were pulling out the big guns). This meant that the little girl could relax and play, while winding down from her fun-filled and hectic days of playing and making messes.


Before mummy gets the little girl dressed and puts her nappy on, her mummy will make sure she is covered in her eczema cream and also some Bepanthen to stop her tushy getting sore while she sleeps.

Then mummy will dress the little girl in her snuggliest pj’s because everyone likes to be comfy when they sleep.


Next is mummy’s favourite bit, reading a bedtime a story to the little girl. Mummy loves this because she likes watching the little girls face as she does silly character voices and whooshing broom noises. The little girl interact as best she can, but soon her eyes get heavy and she begins to yawn.

Of course, mummy can’t just leave without one last good night snuggle.


So after a kiss good night and wishes of sweet dreams, the mummy leaves the tired little girl to drift soundly to sleep.


But even the mummy knows that sometimes not even sleep can keep this little girl in bed. As she knows that she will often find her snoring on the floor instead.

The End

x Nikki x

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