Disney Princess Belle’s Musical Tea Cart

Beauty and the Beast is one of my husbands favourite Disney films, as well as one of my own. It is my feel good movie, that I love to curl up under a blanket and watch when I am feeling crappy or I have a bad day.

It does help that Belle is one of my favourite Disney princesses (besides Ariel of course). I love the fact that she is a strong, intelligent woman who knows what she wants, who stands up for herself and is able to see the beauty and ugliness in people. Although she isn’t my favourite character from the film, that honour goes to the cute little Chip, whose bravery ends up saving the day.


So when I was given the chance to review Belle’s Musical Tea Cart from Jakks. I was so excited to finally have a Chip the cup to have tea parties with my girls.


The Tea cart comes with 2 cups (1 of which is Chip), Mrs Pots teapot, 2 spoons, a tea party invite and of course a push along cart.


The cart is beautiful and is covered in cravings or roses and has cute pictures of Bella and the Beast when they danced and fell in love. It is made from a lightweight plastic that just clicks together, you may have to use a bit of force when assembling, but it only takes a matter of minutes. Once it is all put together the cart is really sturdy but can’t be taken apart again, so will need a place to store it when it’s not being played with.


Mrs Pot’s, Chip and the second cup are slotted into place on the pink rotating tray on the cart and when you press the rose button on the side of the cart or push the cart along they spin around while singing “Be Our Guest”.


It is fun and musical which is what most little girls want when they have tea parties. Although it isn’t just girls that like to play with this tea cart. E’s brother P was very eager to join in the fun and even helped set up the table while E prepared the tea.


They sat for ages pouring pretend tea. This is because the cups and Mrs Pots are not to be filled with real liquid as it states on the tray. But that doesn’t stop the fun because sometimes using your imagination is better than the real thing or at least my kids thought so.


It helped give E and P some sibling play/bonding time that didn’t end in an argument of he did this and she wouldn’t let me have that. It was nice.

Belle’s Tea Cart is aimed at children aged 3+, although the child’s height might need to be a consideration, as it stands at 53cm tall. It takes 3AA batteries and will make a fabulous gift for any Beauty and the Beast fans this Christmas.

I know my children have enjoyed playing with it and I see plenty of tea parties in my future.

x Nikki x

* I received this product for the purpose of the review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Disney Sofia the First #SofiaAdventures

Disney has been a massive part of my life growing up and it is great to see that my children share that love. While my kids have all watch different programs on Disney. E has always been in love with Disney Jr because of Doc Mcstuffins and of course Disney Jr’s very own Disney princess, Sofia the First.

We have spent hours watching each and every episode. Her favourite is Sofia the First and the Curse of Princess Ivy. We have watched that repeatedly for weeks when it first came on our screens.

That why when I was sent a box of Sofia the First collectables from Jakks Pacifics. I knew that E would love them and it was just in time for her 5th birthday. Which meant that the birthday princess could enjoy the new range Sofia the First playsets on her big day.

The bundle I was sent, was bursting with great toys, including;

  • Sofia the First with royal friend 3″ figures
    img_1368We received a figure of Sofia with her best friend and pet rabbit clover, plus figures of her two friends Rudy and Jade. each figure comes with one animal included in the set. Jade come with Crackle the dragon, whereas Ruby has a cute little blue bird. All the characters are dressed the iconic outfits they wear on the show, but to complete the set you would need to collect Sofia in her 3 different outfits as well as the Amber, Ruby and Jade figurines. They cost £5.99 a pack but are great for letting your little ones explore and create their own little Sofia the First world.
  • Sofia the First mini Playset
    img_1372In the magical kingdom of Enchancia, you get a chance to go on some amazing and once in a lifetime adventures. The kind that you only dream up in your imagination. Now, thanks to the Sofia the First Mini playset, your little one can dream up their own Sofia the first adventure. Whether it is painting in the studio with Sofia herself or getting dressed up with Princess Amber. There is loads to keep little ones happy.
    Sofia’s mini playset, you  can help SSofiapaint the canvas with water and watch the image or colours appear. Then leave it to dry and you can paint over it again.
    Amber’s mini playset, you help her get ready for a royal ball in the royal closet with a spinning mirror and accessories.
    Each set cost £9.99
  • Sofia the First Royal Camera costs £9.99.
    This fun toy is fun for children of all ages as it has loads of fun features, like removable lenses and realistic shutter sounds. But when you look through the veiw finder you as confronted by 8 colourful and delightful scenes. All of which are of Sofia and her family and friends.
  • Sofia the First Royal Tiara
    E adored this becuase it meant that she could be a princess. She loves all things shiny and it meant that she had a tiara of her own. Cost £6.99
  • Sofia the First back pack
    img_1366This beautiful bag in bigger then your average size childrens bag. Which was great for us and E becuase it meant she could fit all her new toys in to it. It cost £12.99 and has a lovely image of Sofia the first printed on it.

When E opened all her presents on her birthday to find these great gifts from Jakks, she was thrilled. The Sofia the first miniture adventure collection would make great gifts for your littles ones on theit birthday’s  and christmas.


They’re just what every little princess needs and can all be found in Smyths toy stores.

Plus you can catch the new episodes of Sofia the First on Disney Junior, weekdays at 4.30pm for 2 weeks from 10th October.


x Nikki x

*I recieved these playsets so I could review them. All thought and opinions are my own.

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Interplay, My Fairy Garden – Fairy Flowerpot | Review & Giveaway

For the longest time my kids have been bugging me for nearly all the toys in the Interplay Range. So when I was asked if I would like to review the New Fairy Flowerpot from the My Fairy Garden range I was thrilled.

I knew my kids would enjoy playing with the toy plus we could all work together on a family project of hopefully growing some plants (I am not green fingered at all).


This fun and creative toy helps children use their imagination as they create a magical fairy garden. My step daughter A was completely smitten with the little fairy figurine called blossom, the Spring Fairy, who loves flowers and being surrounded by nature. Whereas E loved the fact that the flowerpot was the fairy’s little house.


My Fairy Garden – Fairy Flowerpot cost £9.99 and comes with:

  • Fairy Flowerpot
  • Fairy Figure
  • Packet of ‘easy to grow’ seeds
  • Instructions/Activity Booklet

Our ‘easy to grow’ seeds were mustard seed, which A read all instructions from the activity booklet and she soon learned that as it the mustard plant grows it will flower with beautiful yellow flowers.


While A was reading through the instructions I went and got some compost (which isn’t supplied with the kit) and then I let her spoon it into the pot. When it came to actually sowing the seeds though we were descended on by P and E who wanted to be involved and didn’t want to miss out of the fun of putting the seed into the compost. Which made me realises that the it truly is the simplest of things that bring the greats joy with kids and they don’t actually need to have loads of big flashy toys to be happy.


Luckily there were more than enough seeds, so all the kids could put some in the compost before with covered them with a thin layer of compost and watered the plant. I will point out that you should place the pot of a plastic plate or shallow bowl as the flowerpot has holes in the bottom and the water will leak out. We didn’t know about the holes in bottom until I noticed a small pool of water on the table.

My kids have really enjoyed playing with this toy, that is more than just a toy but is also a great why to teach your children about how to grow plants, as well as getting them interacting with the magic of nature.

But you don’t have to take my word for it why not enter my competition for your chance to win a My Fairy Garden – Fairy Flowerpot and see how much fun you and your family can have for yourself.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Nikki x


* I was sent this product to review but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Review – #SomethingSpecial textured Mr Tumble with fun sounds

CBeebies Justin AKA Mr Tumble has been a part of mine and my families lives ever since T was a little. So during those 11 years Mr Tumble became a fun part of our daily routine.

Something Special became even more important to us after LM was born because of the fact Mr Tumble helped teach Makaton signing, which has been proven to be a great way for children with Down syndrome to help acquire language plus the show helped the world to see that children with additional needs are just the same as everyone else.

1190 Textured Mr Tumble with Sounds 1

That is why I almost jumped at the chance to review the Something Special – Textured Mr Tumble with fun sounds, from Golden Bear Toys. I knew instantly that having this toys would bring joy to LM and that I would be able to use the toy to hopefully encourage her to get into the show herself.

Because honestly LM doesn’t really like TV. I think this is because she is only 2 and because she would much rather play with her toys and completely destroy my living room by emptying out the toy box for the teddy or dolls at the bottom. Which is why this sore plush doll was prefect, she loves to play with dolls, even at nursery she spends her time in the home corner feeding, playing with and putting her dolls to bed before then taking them out and climbing in their bed and then repeating the process while talking to them and shaking her finger. (This is extremely cute to watch I must add)


Because I have been teaching LM Makaton for a while she has already learned some great signs such as “Tree”, “Bed” and “Hello”. I am really grateful for shows like Something Special because it is fun to watch as well as being educational.

The Mr Tumble doll stands at 36cm tall and the box that it come in has 5 different phases printed on the back to help teach the children these signs. If you press the doll hand he will say certain phrases such as “Hello”, “Friend” as well as giggling and chuckling. The toy comes with its very own spotty bag which doesn’t contain 3 special things for Justin and his friends to find but it does contain a mirror which you can use to help show the kids children to pronounce words and show them how to shape their mouths to form the letters sounds as we speak. His body is made up of soft stuffing, as well as multiple different textured fabrics which gives the toy a sensory feel as well as lace tying shoes to help the children work on their fine motor skills.


This fun toy gets in touch with the children musical side by playing the theme song the Something Special show, which I will point out you will find yourself singing all day long. While the stars on his waist coat lighting up and flash which helps draw in the children’s attention.

LM completely loves this toy and Mr Tumble has now become a favourite of all the toys in our house. It has even been the Geronimo festival with us in hope of us meeting the real Justin Fletcher. But unfortunately the weather wasn’t 2 year old friendly and we had to leave before Mr Tumble came on. That hasn’t stop this toy been taken everywhere else since.

I love that fact that this toy and show it helps give LM and children like her a voice, where normally they wouldn’t and I love the fact that it teaches other children and their families (like ours) to learn and communicate, as well as bring joy to children lives.


I would highly recommend this toy as well as watching Mr Tumbles – Something Special as it will help your child understand that sometimes people, communicate differently, look differently or even behave differently but in the end it is those differences that make use great and they are nothing to be afraid of.

x Nikki x

*We were sent this toy for the purposes of this review but all the thought and opinions are my own.

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Lalaloopsy Style N Swap Review

I have always loved Lalaloopsy dolls. I love the bright style of each doll and how each one has a similar but also unique and colourful look, I love the fact they are different from most other dolls and the fact they are a plastic version of a rag doll.

I have spent ages waiting and hoping that E would get into these dolls and want one of the bigger versions just so I would have a good enough excuse to buy one and maybe have a little play with it when she was in bed. Sadly though she has never really taken that much of an interest in them and i think that was because of her age.

So when I was offered the chance to review the Mini Lalaloopsy Style n Swap dolls assortment, I thought E wouldn’t be interested and that it would be A who would want to play with them.

I am happy to say I was wrong (saviour this moment, as it’s not often I admit that!)

Soon as the dolls arrived E was drawn in by the bright and fun packaging and wanted me to open them soon as I got them out of the postage packaging. So she was very excited.

Lalaloopsy Style n swap dolls are the new collectables that are out this spring and a miniature version of the your favourite dolls. There is whole range in which you can collect, so you can swap and change from assorted pack to help give you Lalaloopsy mini character a fun and new look.

We were sent the Peanut Big Top play set who is preparing for her next big show and when picking the prefect costume for her show there is one must have – sleeves to hide the tricks in! Ta-Da!

There are 4 different Assortment packs costing £9.99 and each one comes with one doll and over 10 removable pieces such as clothes, shoes, wigs and an adorable pet or fun accessory to complete every outfit and fits the chapters personality. You can also get the  Mini Lalaloopsy Style n Swap multipack at £16.99 and because it’s a multipack you get double the amount with 2 dolls and over 20 accessories. this range doesn’t just have dolls though it also has Mini Lalaloopsy Style n Swap playset Assortment £14.99, so your little ones can set the sense as they play

When I first saw how small the Mini Style n Swap dolls actually were I wasn’t sure how we were suppose to get the clothes and outfits on them and I though that because of how thin and rather flimsy the legs looked that they might break if you were too rough with them. I was pleasantly surprise that this wasn’t the case and the legs actually bent slightly to help accommodate the fact that they were suppose to be dressed in plastic clothing.


E absolutely loved being able to change the clothes and coming up with a story for each outfit. we spent ages talking about all the different things Peanut was getting up and in E’s imagination, she went on loads of fantastic adventures in her circus life before being the star of the show. and since then E has asked if we can take to Peanut to the circus so she can learn some new tricks. It was great watching her enjoy and engage with a toy that could change into anything your imagination wanted it to be by simply changing its outfit.

These toys are recommended for children 4+ as they contain small parts.


Nikki x


*  I was sent this toy for the purpose of this review all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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