National S.T.E.M/S.T.E.A.M Day with Project MC2 H2O car

National S.T.E.M/S.T.E.A.M Day is today (8th November). It is a great day that is to help inspire children into getting involved and interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths


Most people who know me will tell you that I love Science, Art, technology and sometimes even Maths (unless it in algebra). I have attended 2 colleges in my life, the first one I attended when I was 16 and I studied art with the dreams of becoming and fashion designer. Sadly that all got put on hold when T arrived a Shortly after I finished my first year.

Then when I was a little older I went back to college to redo my GCSE’s, it was then that I fell in love with Science and even went on to do Chemistry and Biology at A level.

So as you can guess I am an avid science lover and a little bit of a nerd myself, because of this I can really relate to the character from Project MC2 series that is shown on Netflix. The S.T.E.A.M based franchise is all bout four young girls who are teenage girls making their way through high school. As well as being a group of super secret spies and for an organisation NOV8


If you can’t tell already these girls aren’t your typical teenagers but are strong, smart and super sassy girls who help save the world on a regular basis, with ingenious experiments and awesome quick thinking and gadgets.

In the series, the girls have to invent a car that runs on just H2O (water) as part of a bet for a science competition. And because of this, they have brought on a fun remote control car that actually runs on water. Which I honestly think is amazing.


My girls thought so too. My boys were that interested as they don’t really get Project MC2, although they did enjoy playing with and trying to drive the remote control car. A is a massive MC2 fan and has been asking for all the different merchandise, so this car was right up her street. What I really enjoyed about it was the fact that we could have conversations as explained how the steam was made and how it helped power the car.


The car comes with a remote control and a fuel/water bottle to help you pour the water into the fuel tank. there is space to fit 2 Project MC2 dolls into the car so they can cruise around, once you connect the 2 wires into the engine, which uses AA batteries (which aren’t included).


All my kids have enjoyed playing with this car and it has helped us broach loads of fun and educational topics such as science, what makes cars run, fossil fuels and the environment. My girls think all cars should run on just water because it would be better for the environment.

I just hope that they will grow up to have the same love for science as I do but I know this car and the show has already set us on to that path.

 x Nikki x

*We were sent this product for the purpose of this post. All thought and opinions are my own.

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Baby Born Interactive Dragon Review

Baby Born have brought out an amazing new range of Baby Born Wonderland and part of this new range is the stunning and totally awesome Interactive Dragon.


As soon as I saw this toy being advertised on TV, I knew I had to have it in my life and I was ready to go all Game Of Thrones to get one. Thankfully I didn’t

Thankfully I didn’t have to awaken my inner Khaleesi to get one. Instead, I was sent one in exchange for this review.


The dragon is covered with a soft purple fur, while her wings and underbelly are a beautiful shiny rainbow fabric. She comes in a pack with a ‘magic’ interactive wand, an egg and a mini dragon. (which is part of a surprise later on and you will understand how I know she is a she)

The interactive wand can be simply placing it against the star on the dragon’s forehead, this makes her eyes and nostrils light up. If you double tap the wand then the dragon will begin to walk, flap her wings and make cute dragon growls.


I think this toy is adorable, especially with those big sparkly eyes just staring up at you. Every time I look at it I want to go Awwwwwwww.

However, that hasn’t stopped me playing with her when the kids have gone to bed and making Baby Born’s sister fly on her back like Daenerys and reenact my own Game of thrones episode. (I know I am such a child)


I can’t wait for Christmas to get here because I know the Elf on the Shelf and this dragon are going to have lots of fun. But enough of my fun with this toy, I can say my girls have loved playing with it. LM like watching her slowing crawl across the room and even tries to copy her growl.

E, on the other hand, was more interested in the egg. Yes, this dragon lays an egg.  (Surprise, see how I know she is a she)


Which if I am honest at first creeped me out a little as the toy has a hole under her tail where you have to push the egg into before, gently lifting the tail and watching her give birth.

But once I got over my childishness, I soon saw how much fun my girls were having with this really sweet and entertaining toy. E has made you some fantastic stories about princesses and magical kingdoms, while LM keeps trying to sit on the dragon’s back like Baby Born’s sister. (I do not recommend this) 

I think this toy will be a great toy for any child aged 2+. It is priced at £54.99 and comes with batteries included, so you can play with it straight from the box. Which is always a win.


 x Nikki x

*We were sent this product is exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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Minnie Mouse Kitchen Review and Comp

All children love playing, it’s how they learn, grow and develop new skills. They copy their parents and use their imaginations to create fun games, that sometimes only they understand.

That is why I think it is important to give kids a range of different toys from fancy dress, creative toys and puzzles to creating their very own home corner.

And of course, every home corner needs a bright plastic pink and purple Minnie Mouse kitchen, or at least mine does.


The Disney Minnie Mouse Kitchen from IMC Toys is a light weight a fun addition to any kids toy collection. It comes with:

  • An oven (to bake all those calorie free imaginary cakes)
  • A fridge (with a pretend ice water dispenser)
  • Sink
  • Mixer
  • 2 hobs
  • Drying rack
  • Cutlery holder
  • 40 pieces of cutlery, plates, pans, salt and paper shakers


When the box arrived the girl were extremely excited, the hubby not so much as he knew he would have to assemble it and he doesn’t do very well with DIY.


I think he thought it would be lots screws and bolts because he got his tool kit out. Only to find he didn’t need it because the pieces all clicked and slotted together easily. The whole kitchen was put together in a matter of minutes. The most time-consuming part was placing all the stickers on it, as my perfectionist side came out and I had to make sure everything was lined up.

Luckily the children were all at school and nursery, so we were able to put it together and have it all ready for when they got home.


Because of its bright colours, the kids noticed it straight away. E and LM didn’t wait very long before they started cooking up an imaginary storm. LM even tried to give her dolls a bath in the tiny little sink.


The kitchen stands at 800mm tall and 710mm wide. This means it is the perfect height for LM but E has to crouch down or go on her knees when she wanted to play with it.

Because it is made of plastic and cardboard it doesn’t withstand rough play very well and comes apart easily. This can be easily solved by super glueing all the kitchen pieces together when you assemble it.

On a positive note, the fact that it is made of plastic means that the kitchen is easy to move around and wiped clean. As we found out when LM decided to pour her chocolate milkshake in the sink and “wash up”.

My kids have really enjoyed the new addition to our home corner. It has become LM’s favourite toy.


She loves to spend the day cooking up crayons and feeding them to her babies. She likes to bake pretend muffins and do the washing up like daddy.

Which is really helping her develop more life skills and some fine motor skills because she keeps practising turning the tiny taps on and spinning the little switch to lower the mixer.

This kitchen is a great toy and would make an awesome gift for any little one’s this Christmas. That is why I am giving one of my readers the chance to win a Minnie Mouse Kitchen of their own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck.

x Nikki x


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Disney Tsum Tsums Review

Like most children, my lot love all things, Disney. We have spent many a day curled up under a duvet watching countless Disney movies and we all have our favourites. Mine, of course, is The Little Mermaid, the girls are still in love with Frozen and the boys love Toy Story and Pirates of the Caribbean.

E is the proper Disney nut in our house, though. We have Disney channel and Disney junior on all the time because she loves watching Micky Mouses club house, Sofia the First or Doc Mcstuffins. During the adverts on the Disney channels, there would be these fun and wacky short cartoons of the Tsum Tsums.


The kids would sit and watch all the fun and mischievous adventures these little Disney Tsum Tsums would get up to, as each character would be designed after an iconic or classic Disney character.

They always looked like loads of fun to the kids but for me, I couldn’t justify spending money on some little pieces of plastic in the shape of Disney characters. No matter how much my kids wanted them. I told myself they would be bored of them after 5 minutes and then I would have wasted a load of money for nothing.

So when I was asked if I would like the chance to review these toys on my blog. I thought why not. At least then I would be able to give them a fair review and actually figure out if I was right and if they were a waste of money.


I was sent 1 x3 pack (RRP: £4.99) and 1 x9 pack (RRP: £14.99) of Tsum Tsum. The Disney Tsum Tsums collectables are made vinyl and come in a range of sizes such as small, medium and large.

In the pack of 3, we received a small Perry the platypus, a medium Goofy and a large Winnie the Pooh. Each character can come in each size and there are twenty-one different sets to collect. You can tick off which characters you have and haven’t got in the collector’s guide.


In the 9 pack, we got 3 small figures Sebastian, Minnie and Goofy (we also had a medium one from the previous pack), 3 large figures of Olaf (E’s favourite), Dumbo and Tigger plus 3 Medium figures Gus, Stitch and a mystery figure.

The kids loved the fact that there was a mystery figure and all of them wanted to know who or what was inside. Thankfully they didn’t have to wait too long as I let E have the honour of opening it as her brothers and sisters watched.


It turned out to be a Medium figure of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

Now I know I said at the beginning of this review that before I hadn’t wanted to waste money on silly bits of plastic that I knew my kids would be bored of in a couple of hours. Well, I was wrong. I am actually planning on buying more of these toys as stocking fillers for Chrismas. It will probably be the 3 pack and I will try to make sure all the kids have different sets because my kids actually really enjoyed playing with them.


Yes, they are just pieces and Vinyl plastic in the shape of Disney characters but I sat and watched as they played quietly and nicely together for over 30minute (this is unheard of in my house). They played stacking games, they made imaginative games up with the characters and they even started a game of Tsum Tsums hide and seek, before their friends came to call for them. Even then the Tsum Tsums when in their pockets and in the gardens with them. And the next day they wanted to play with them again and have done every day since we opened them.


The Tsum Tsums now sit on the fireplace in the living room all in a nice neat row. This is because the small ones are very little and can easily be picked up by LM and put in her mouth. It does state on the packaging that Tsum Tsums are for children aged 6+ for this reason.


x Nikki x

*We received this toy in exchange for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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Baby Annabell Interactive Doll Review

Baby AnnaBell is a beautiful doll from Zapf Creation. I remember wanting and playing with Baby Annabell toys when I was a young girl. So, I love the fact that I can now share something from my childhood with my daughters.


These lovely and realistic dolls are perfect if your child loves to pretend play. LM loves playing with babies, she is a proper little mummy to all of her dolls. She will feed them, dress them and will even take her own nappy off and try to place it on her doll.

Even her nursery have told me how much she loves playing in the home corner putting her babies to bed and getting them back up again.


This is where the Baby Annabell Interactive doll is perfect for her. Because all her other dolls don’t really make noise and you can’t feed them. They are just dolls.

With the Baby Annabell interactive doll, you can straight away this doll is different. It is heavier than most other dolls which give the feeling that you are actually holding a real baby. Although because of the extra weight it does hurt if the doll is thrown at you. As I found out when LM had enough of playing mummy and wanted me to take over.

The baby grow is soft to touch and utter luscious when you are giving the baby a cuddle. (yes I sat cuddling this doll)


She also has loads of other realistic features, if you rock her in your arms then she will slowly close her eyes as if drifting off into a super cute slumber. When she wakes up then you can feed her with her little bottle and her mouth and eyes both move as she sucks. She also makes cooing babbling sounds, giggles and burps.

Baby Annabell will react and move to your touch, if you stroke her face her cheeks or gently pat her back. She also cries real tears but these are easily stopped with a cuddle and her dummy. (or with the off switch)


I think that Baby Annabell is a great doll to help encourage your little ones to develop a sense of responsibility as well as empathy, through imaginative role play. I also love how rewarding this doll could be for children who have additional needs like LM. It would be an amazing doll to help teach children how to care for younger siblings.

LM is totally in love with this doll. It has given her a chance to experience what having a real baby is like. But unlike her older brothers and sisters, she won’t ever have a younger sibling to dote on and she is my last baby. So this is where Baby Annabell can help.


Each doll comes with a Baby Annabell doll, romper suit and hat, a bib, drinks bottle, dummy and Baby Annabell locket. They cost around £49.99 and needs 4 x AA batteries which aren’t included.

I think this is a great gift for any child. I am sure Baby Annabell or Baby Annabell Brother will be on plenty of children’s Christmas lists this year.

x Nikki x

*We were sent this doll for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

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