Disney Princess Belle’s Musical Tea Cart

Beauty and the Beast is one of my husbands favourite Disney films, as well as one of my own. It is my feel good movie, that I love to curl up under a blanket and watch when I am feeling crappy or I have a bad day.

It does help that Belle is one of my favourite Disney princesses (besides Ariel of course). I love the fact that she is a strong, intelligent woman who knows what she wants, who stands up for herself and is able to see the beauty and ugliness in people. Although she isn’t my favourite character from the film, that honour goes to the cute little Chip, whose bravery ends up saving the day.


So when I was given the chance to review Belle’s Musical Tea Cart from Jakks. I was so excited to finally have a Chip the cup to have tea parties with my girls.


The Tea cart comes with 2 cups (1 of which is Chip), Mrs Pots teapot, 2 spoons, a tea party invite and of course a push along cart.


The cart is beautiful and is covered in cravings or roses and has cute pictures of Bella and the Beast when they danced and fell in love. It is made from a lightweight plastic that just clicks together, you may have to use a bit of force when assembling, but it only takes a matter of minutes. Once it is all put together the cart is really sturdy but can’t be taken apart again, so will need a place to store it when it’s not being played with.


Mrs Pot’s, Chip and the second cup are slotted into place on the pink rotating tray on the cart and when you press the rose button on the side of the cart or push the cart along they spin around while singing “Be Our Guest”.


It is fun and musical which is what most little girls want when they have tea parties. Although it isn’t just girls that like to play with this tea cart. E’s brother P was very eager to join in the fun and even helped set up the table while E prepared the tea.


They sat for ages pouring pretend tea. This is because the cups and Mrs Pots are not to be filled with real liquid as it states on the tray. But that doesn’t stop the fun because sometimes using your imagination is better than the real thing or at least my kids thought so.


It helped give E and P some sibling play/bonding time that didn’t end in an argument of he did this and she wouldn’t let me have that. It was nice.

Belle’s Tea Cart is aimed at children aged 3+, although the child’s height might need to be a consideration, as it stands at 53cm tall. It takes 3AA batteries and will make a fabulous gift for any Beauty and the Beast fans this Christmas.

I know my children have enjoyed playing with it and I see plenty of tea parties in my future.

x Nikki x

* I received this product for the purpose of the review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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