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Once upon a time in a not so far off place, there was a larger than average family with a Father, a Mother and 5 adorable children. They use to love spending time together and going on lots of new and fun adventures.

With each new trip, the family would create many of greatly adored memories but due to the family’s very busy and hectic life they never have much time to sit down and reminisce about all the fun adventures they had been on together.

The mother tried so very hard to make sure the children remembered. So she placed photo’s all around her home and created cute little photo books that told the stories of their past. But as the number of her children increased and the older children grew the photographs changed and the photo books became ripped or faded.

The thought of not having anything to show and share with her children made the mother’s heartbreak. That was until she found BagsofLove. It was here that the mother was able to find loads of exciting and different products that contained her photo’s and memories. Best of all she was able to share these things with her family.

There were pillows, pictures, cups, mats and mugs but the mother didn’t want something for herself she wanted something the family could all use. After searching the site for a few more minutes she found a beautiful blanket that she could print a collage of her family and the adventures they had been on. Straight away she knew would be perfect. They could snuggle together under the blanket on cold days, spend story time wrapped up the soft fabric that was covered with their smiling faces and it would be there to make them feel better when they were ill.

Next, she had the funniest but the hardest part of the process, she had to design and choose which images she wanted on the family blanket. The hours whizzed by as she chose her photos while tweaking and changing her design to something that she loved.

And so with a few simple clicks on her laptop the Mother had ordered this fantastic blanket. It arrived within days and was beautifully wrapped. As soon as the mother felt the soft fabric of fleece blanket, she knew that this was just what she wanted. The quality and finish of the prints photos on the fabric was unbelievable, not a single memory was blurred or distorted.

It was then that the Mother knew she had got the best gift for her family to share together and that this blanket was going to be a source of love, comfort and security, as well as reminding her family of all the amazing things they have seen and done together.


The End

*I was sent this product in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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