Minnie Mouse Kitchen Review and Comp

All children love playing, it’s how they learn, grow and develop new skills. They copy their parents and use their imaginations to create fun games, that sometimes only they understand.

That is why I think it is important to give kids a range of different toys from fancy dress, creative toys and puzzles to creating their very own home corner.

And of course, every home corner needs a bright plastic pink and purple Minnie Mouse kitchen, or at least mine does.


The Disney Minnie Mouse Kitchen from IMC Toys is a light weight a fun addition to any kids toy collection. It comes with:

  • An oven (to bake all those calorie free imaginary cakes)
  • A fridge (with a pretend ice water dispenser)
  • Sink
  • Mixer
  • 2 hobs
  • Drying rack
  • Cutlery holder
  • 40 pieces of cutlery, plates, pans, salt and paper shakers


When the box arrived the girl were extremely excited, the hubby not so much as he knew he would have to assemble it and he doesn’t do very well with DIY.


I think he thought it would be lots screws and bolts because he got his tool kit out. Only to find he didn’t need it because the pieces all clicked and slotted together easily. The whole kitchen was put together in a matter of minutes. The most time-consuming part was placing all the stickers on it, as my perfectionist side came out and I had to make sure everything was lined up.

Luckily the children were all at school and nursery, so we were able to put it together and have it all ready for when they got home.


Because of its bright colours, the kids noticed it straight away. E and LM didn’t wait very long before they started cooking up an imaginary storm. LM even tried to give her dolls a bath in the tiny little sink.


The kitchen stands at 800mm tall and 710mm wide. This means it is the perfect height for LM but E has to crouch down or go on her knees when she wanted to play with it.

Because it is made of plastic and cardboard it doesn’t withstand rough play very well and comes apart easily. This can be easily solved by super glueing all the kitchen pieces together when you assemble it.

On a positive note, the fact that it is made of plastic means that the kitchen is easy to move around and wiped clean. As we found out when LM decided to pour her chocolate milkshake in the sink and “wash up”.

My kids have really enjoyed the new addition to our home corner. It has become LM’s favourite toy.


She loves to spend the day cooking up crayons and feeding them to her babies. She likes to bake pretend muffins and do the washing up like daddy.

Which is really helping her develop more life skills and some fine motor skills because she keeps practising turning the tiny taps on and spinning the little switch to lower the mixer.

This kitchen is a great toy and would make an awesome gift for any little one’s this Christmas. That is why I am giving one of my readers the chance to win a Minnie Mouse Kitchen of their own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck.

x Nikki x


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Visiting the Forest of Light with #MamiaDaysOut

This weekend my family and I decided to go on an adventure. We wanted to do something a little different and that LM would love because normally we do things that her siblings will enjoy.

So when I saw an ad on facebook for the free #ForestOfLight installation in Bradford City Park.

We wrapped the kids up warm as the light forest of lights weren’t switched on until dusk and the temperature would start dropping quite quickly after dark.

When we arrived at the mirror pool that is City Park, we were greeted by crowds of people stood against the barrier that was surrounding the water feature. The water fountains were still going but they weren’t dancing like they normally do but they were lite up in an array of beautiful colours. On the mirror pool, I could see the intricate light structures all set up and just waiting to be switched on.

The sun hadn’t fully set yet so the sky was still rather bright. So, we decided to take this opportunity to raid some of the goodies I had been sent in my Aldi’s Mamia hamper.


It was great because I knew the kids were getting some healthy and tasty snacks. The older 3 kids shared and loved the Mamia junior mini apple rice cakes, while LM munched her way through one of the Mamia Apple and Pear pots.

They were the perfect snack to help keep their hunger at bay while we waited for dusk to be upon us.

And let me tell you it was worth the wait.


LM sat back in her pram mesmerised by the beautiful lights. The only words to leave her lips were “Wow” as she pointed to the colourful flower lights. Her siblings gathered around her to admire this amazing sight and in that moment it felt truly peaceful.

This beautiful and magical scene also had a soft lullaby soundtrack that echoed around the city centre. For a few moments, it was as if we had been transported to a magical fairyland, with twinkling lights and relaxing music dancing through the air.


It was a great sensory experience for LM, who absolutely loved it. Even though she was a little upset being cooped in her pram, but we knew if we let her out she would beeline straight to go play in the water and that wasn’t safe.

Soon it was time to leave as we were all getting cold and it was way past the kid’s bedtimes. But that night I don’t know if it was the fact of the relaxing and beautiful music or the excitement of the lights or even the fact the child got to stay up past their bedtime. But they all went straight to sleep and slept soundly all night.

x Nikki x


*This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.


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Being a Stepparent isn’t easy


Being a Stepparent isn’t easy, of this, I am completely sure.

Instead of loving just one person, it could be two or three or more.

The family is ready built, for you to be a part of,

but first, you must respect, where the family started off.

This family use to be whole before it split in two,

And even though it wasn’t your fault the kids will still blame you.

They will paint you as the worse person to ever walk the earth,

But this is because deep down they carry a lot of hurt.

Being a stepparent isn’t easy, of this, I am completely sure.

There will be plenty of times you will want to run for the door.

But if you want to earn their trust, they have to know your there.

So be prepared for your parenting to be met with an icy glare.

They’ll say “You’re not my parent, you can’t tell me what to do!”

When this happen stand your ground because they should respect you.

You may not be their parent, but you open up your heart to them,

And it not ok for them to throw that out in every silly argument.

Being a stepparent isn’t easy, of this, I am completely sure.

But the reward of them accepting you is worth so much more.

It won’t happen overnight, so don’t be in a rush.

Because they will resist, the more you try to push.

Just give them time and let them know you will always be there,

Play games with them, engage with them and show them you care.

Don’t try to replace their parent, instead just be their friend,

Because that’s all they will really want in the end.

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Online Golf for children #OGgetkidsintoGolf

A while ago my family and I attend an event at the Leeds, Hilton Hotel. The main focus of the event was to show kids the fun side os sports, particularly Golf.

Now I will admit that when someone says sports for kids to me, my first thought isn’t Golf. Which is funny because when we go on caravan holidays, we are known to have the odd game of mini golf.

But golf really isn’t something you really think of as a game for children. That is why Online Golf held this event, to show people that golf can be fun for everyone.


While at the event the children were able to participate in a 6 hole mini golf course, ten pins golfing, target practice and chipping lessons from a golf pro. My kids couldn’t wait to get involved and were at the front of the cue, eagerly waiting to have a go at the chipping nets.


Thankfully I had my hubby with me for this event because there wasn’t very much for LM to do as she was a little bit too young. Plus I was seriously nervous about all the children that had been armed with golf clubs, I know that if LM had been handed one total chaos would have ensued.

The kids all got a turn on the chipping nets, which was very difficult and only T managed to actually get one in the number to score 10 points. The ten pin golfing and the target practice was much easier for the children. I remember watching P’s concentration and he tried to line up the putt, so he could knock all the pins down.


All these new games were a lot of fun for the kids to try and I know my older two really enjoyed the whole experience. The mini golf won out in the end, especially for E who ended up getting her very first hole in one.

I think her face says it all.


The main thing that came across to me at this event was that to play golf it doesn’t matter about your weight, height or even athletic ability (as I found out when the parents got to have a go) golf can be for everyone who wants to play it.

Here is a video of the event.

I will say the event was loads of fun and my kids have since asked me when they can go play golf again and they love the hats that they got in the goody bags.


*We were asked to attend this event but the opinions of it are all mine.

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A Tale about Bedtime with #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge

Once Upon a time in a not so far land, there was a young girl, who lived with her mummy, daddy and her 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters.

This little girl loved to sleep and did it a lot, however since her mummy and daddy had changed her from a cot to a bed, there had been some issue. You see this little girl enjoyed the fact that see could now climb out of her bed, whereas in her cot she was limited to the amount of freedom she had.

Now her mummy and daddy didn’t mind the little girl getting out of bed and playing in the morning. The issue was that the little girl was doing it when it was supposed to be sleepy time. Which caused problems when it came to putting her older sisters to bed.

So mummy and daddy came up with a plan. They were going to teach the little girl the difference between Bedtime and Awake time but to do this they needed a routine to help the little girl realise when it was bedtime.

They started by giving the little girl a nice warm, sleep well bubble bath (Because mummy and daddy were pulling out the big guns). This meant that the little girl could relax and play, while winding down from her fun-filled and hectic days of playing and making messes.


Before mummy gets the little girl dressed and puts her nappy on, her mummy will make sure she is covered in her eczema cream and also some Bepanthen to stop her tushy getting sore while she sleeps.

Then mummy will dress the little girl in her snuggliest pj’s because everyone likes to be comfy when they sleep.


Next is mummy’s favourite bit, reading a bedtime a story to the little girl. Mummy loves this because she likes watching the little girls face as she does silly character voices and whooshing broom noises. The little girl interact as best she can, but soon her eyes get heavy and she begins to yawn.

Of course, mummy can’t just leave without one last good night snuggle.


So after a kiss good night and wishes of sweet dreams, the mummy leaves the tired little girl to drift soundly to sleep.


But even the mummy knows that sometimes not even sleep can keep this little girl in bed. As she knows that she will often find her snoring on the floor instead.

The End

x Nikki x

This post is an entry for #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge, sponsored by Bepanthen. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/Bepanthen or www.bepanthen.co.uk



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