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A while ago my family and I attend an event at the Leeds, Hilton Hotel. The main focus of the event was to show kids the fun side os sports, particularly Golf.

Now I will admit that when someone says sports for kids to me, my first thought isn’t Golf. Which is funny because when we go on caravan holidays, we are known to have the odd game of mini golf.

But golf really isn’t something you really think of as a game for children. That is why Online Golf held this event, to show people that golf can be fun for everyone.


While at the event the children were able to participate in a 6 hole mini golf course, ten pins golfing, target practice and chipping lessons from a golf pro. My kids couldn’t wait to get involved and were at the front of the cue, eagerly waiting to have a go at the chipping nets.


Thankfully I had my hubby with me for this event because there wasn’t very much for LM to do as she was a little bit too young. Plus I was seriously nervous about all the children that had been armed with golf clubs, I know that if LM had been handed one total chaos would have ensued.

The kids all got a turn on the chipping nets, which was very difficult and only T managed to actually get one in the number to score 10 points. The ten pin golfing and the target practice was much easier for the children. I remember watching P’s concentration and he tried to line up the putt, so he could knock all the pins down.


All these new games were a lot of fun for the kids to try and I know my older two really enjoyed the whole experience. The mini golf won out in the end, especially for E who ended up getting her very first hole in one.

I think her face says it all.


The main thing that came across to me at this event was that to play golf it doesn’t matter about your weight, height or even athletic ability (as I found out when the parents got to have a go) golf can be for everyone who wants to play it.

Here is a video of the event.

I will say the event was loads of fun and my kids have since asked me when they can go play golf again and they love the hats that they got in the goody bags.


*We were asked to attend this event but the opinions of it are all mine.

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  1. Emily says:

    We always enjoy playing golf with our little princeses. They love to play especially with their dad. Unfortunately, they are in bad mood all day if they lose 🙂

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