Visiting the Forest of Light with #MamiaDaysOut

This weekend my family and I decided to go on an adventure. We wanted to do something a little different and that LM would love because normally we do things that her siblings will enjoy.

So when I saw an ad on facebook for the free #ForestOfLight installation in Bradford City Park.

We wrapped the kids up warm as the light forest of lights weren’t switched on until dusk and the temperature would start dropping quite quickly after dark.

When we arrived at the mirror pool that is City Park, we were greeted by crowds of people stood against the barrier that was surrounding the water feature. The water fountains were still going but they weren’t dancing like they normally do but they were lite up in an array of beautiful colours. On the mirror pool, I could see the intricate light structures all set up and just waiting to be switched on.

The sun hadn’t fully set yet so the sky was still rather bright. So, we decided to take this opportunity to raid some of the goodies I had been sent in my Aldi’s Mamia hamper.


It was great because I knew the kids were getting some healthy and tasty snacks. The older 3 kids shared and loved the Mamia junior mini apple rice cakes, while LM munched her way through one of the Mamia Apple and Pear pots.

They were the perfect snack to help keep their hunger at bay while we waited for dusk to be upon us.

And let me tell you it was worth the wait.


LM sat back in her pram mesmerised by the beautiful lights. The only words to leave her lips were “Wow” as she pointed to the colourful flower lights. Her siblings gathered around her to admire this amazing sight and in that moment it felt truly peaceful.

This beautiful and magical scene also had a soft lullaby soundtrack that echoed around the city centre. For a few moments, it was as if we had been transported to a magical fairyland, with twinkling lights and relaxing music dancing through the air.


It was a great sensory experience for LM, who absolutely loved it. Even though she was a little upset being cooped in her pram, but we knew if we let her out she would beeline straight to go play in the water and that wasn’t safe.

Soon it was time to leave as we were all getting cold and it was way past the kid’s bedtimes. But that night I don’t know if it was the fact of the relaxing and beautiful music or the excitement of the lights or even the fact the child got to stay up past their bedtime. But they all went straight to sleep and slept soundly all night.

x Nikki x


*This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.


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Online Golf for children #OGgetkidsintoGolf

A while ago my family and I attend an event at the Leeds, Hilton Hotel. The main focus of the event was to show kids the fun side os sports, particularly Golf.

Now I will admit that when someone says sports for kids to me, my first thought isn’t Golf. Which is funny because when we go on caravan holidays, we are known to have the odd game of mini golf.

But golf really isn’t something you really think of as a game for children. That is why Online Golf held this event, to show people that golf can be fun for everyone.


While at the event the children were able to participate in a 6 hole mini golf course, ten pins golfing, target practice and chipping lessons from a golf pro. My kids couldn’t wait to get involved and were at the front of the cue, eagerly waiting to have a go at the chipping nets.


Thankfully I had my hubby with me for this event because there wasn’t very much for LM to do as she was a little bit too young. Plus I was seriously nervous about all the children that had been armed with golf clubs, I know that if LM had been handed one total chaos would have ensued.

The kids all got a turn on the chipping nets, which was very difficult and only T managed to actually get one in the number to score 10 points. The ten pin golfing and the target practice was much easier for the children. I remember watching P’s concentration and he tried to line up the putt, so he could knock all the pins down.


All these new games were a lot of fun for the kids to try and I know my older two really enjoyed the whole experience. The mini golf won out in the end, especially for E who ended up getting her very first hole in one.

I think her face says it all.


The main thing that came across to me at this event was that to play golf it doesn’t matter about your weight, height or even athletic ability (as I found out when the parents got to have a go) golf can be for everyone who wants to play it.

Here is a video of the event.

I will say the event was loads of fun and my kids have since asked me when they can go play golf again and they love the hats that they got in the goody bags.


*We were asked to attend this event but the opinions of it are all mine.

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A York Adventure

York is a bustling city that is completely surrounded by a wall. It is a beautiful historical city that is filled with amazing cultural sites and museums, some of which are free entry. This is great if you are wanting to take your family for a fun day out on a budget.

That is why my family and I plus my sister-in-law and her family choose to go to York and have an adventure.

We all met up in Bradford train station on the morning and got a direct train to York station. I had been to been to York with my T and P when they were younger. But this was the first time my hubby, E and LM would have been.

We had arranged for us to all go and visit National Railway Museum, York. This is because it is close to York station, so we couldn’t really get that lost. Plus the museum its self is free entry, although they do ask for a donation.


We wandered round looking at all the old trains, looking at the regal carriages that were once used to transport the like of Queen Victoria and the Royal family. The Children enjoyed exploring the different trains and pretending to be going off on the Hogwarts express.


We all found out some fascinating facts about the different trains and even got to look at some of the really old horse pulled carriages, as well as all the grand and beautiful steam engines.


Soon the younger one started to get fussing because they wanted to go and explore too. So we decided to go sit in the patio/garden area and have the picnic we had brought with us. Then it was back inside to explore some more.

So we entered the room full of locomotives. It was then that I noticed the new addition to the museum, the Under 5’s area. This was great because it meant LM and her cousins could get out and stretch their legs. E Loved playing with all the Different toys, while LM playing with the train tracks. The Hubby and brother-in-law went for a walk round all the locomotives, while his sister and I stayed with younger ones.


While the younger 2 were playing, I really got to see E’s and LM’s sisterly bond in action. I could watch how nicely they played together all day.


After everyone had looked round we decided we had, had enough of the museum. Because there really are only some many different types of trains you can see. So we went to go explore York.

The sun was shining at full force that day. Which meant we had to have ice creams while exploring the Museum and Memorial gardens. We stood on the on the bridge and looked out along the river Ooze. It was truly beautiful.


There is something really relaxing about watching the boats float along while you bask in the blazing sun.

By 3pm we were exhausted and decided it was time to start heading home. The kids had a great time out and I have utterly fallen in love with York. So much so that The Hubby and I have even been planning a day out to York, just us while the kids are in school and nursery.

This enchanting city has captured my heart and I can’t wait to go back.

x Nikki x

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OnRoundHay Festival

On Saturday 17th September, Roundhay Park in Leeds is holding its first Music, Food and Family Entertainment Festival.


I must say that I am excited at hearing about OnRoundhay festival. This is the first time in 10 years that live music event will return to Roundhay Park.

OnRoundhay Festival in partnership with John Lewis is going to be the ultimate day out, with a fantastic line-up of amazing artists, an array of mouthwatering food and drink experiences plus a fun-filled program of entertainment for all ages.

The live music line up consist of the multi-platinum selling James, who will be performing fresh from their triumphant set at Glastonbury.


Their new album ‘Girl at the End of the World’ made it all the way to number two in the charts earlier this year. Although they’re more well known for the songs ‘Sit Down’ and She’s a Star’.

They will co-headlining with the Scottish rock legends Primal Scream, who have also had a great year due to the release of their Top 20 album ‘Chaosmosis’ and a string os Critically acclaimed live performances.


There will also be the London four-piece Wolf Alice, one of the breakthrough bands in the last year. They have totally torn up the Indie Rulebook, by mixing together Candyfloss melodies with a stridal Grungy edge.

Max Jury will easily entertain the fans at OnRoundhay with their heartfelt, country-tinged Indie-pop music. Or maybe the 7 piece The Haggis Horns will be what everyone wants to hear.

No matter what your taste in music is, I am sure there will be something to get you grooving.


If you’re more into tantalising your taste buds then shaking your groove thing, the array of pop-up food stalls and street foods will whet your appetite. There will be great tastes and cuisines to go along with the world-class entertainment.

This is because Leeds Indie Foods have been working in partnerships with John Lewis Food Village and will have a packed dining experience, plus demonstrations from celebrity chefs.


For the younger festival goers, there will be a Puffin World Of Stories, where your little one can get lost in a world of books. They may even see a few of their favourite characters too.

The Wimpy Kid Show, which is a must if your kids and Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans, like mine, plus Cbeebies The Clangers will be there. As well as a Village Green Sports Day, which will be filled with book-themed activities such as egg and spoon races, sack races and loads of other book-themed fun. For more creative children there will be arts and craft activities to enjoy and if your child dresses up as their favourite book character they will win Prizes.


So you can see why OnRoundhay is shaping up to be the must-go-to event on the Yorkshire calendar and would be a great way send off the summer with one last festival.

Ticket Prices & Information: 

Adult Ticket (13 and over)– £45

Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children 13-16 years old) – £100

U12 (12 and Under) Ticket – FREE

and can be purchased HERE


*This is a sponsored post

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Num Noms event at Bella Italia with comp

Num Noms were a big hit when they were released earlier this year. So much so the creators of the decided to bring out a whole new series. The new series 2 packed with exciting and fun flavour combinations and smells.

So when we got the invite to Bella Italia in Leeds to celebrate the new Num Noms series. My family and I were eager to see what the event was about.

The restaurant was decorated with Num Nom pictures and there were games, colouring and an array of brightly coloured Num Noms. All 4 of my kids dove in straight into the Num Nom stacking. While E and LM were happy just playing with the brightly coloured toys, while T and P were busy hunting for wasabi go go and trying to build the biggest tower.


My step daughter A had no interest in the stacking competition going on in the corner. She was much happier designing her own Num Nom.


The event was only a small one but I think that made it all the more fun. It meant that everyone got a go on the activities and the was no long waits in line for face painting. Even the hubby joined in with some of the fun and had a go at guessing the smell game.


P was the best at being able to guess the smell and got nearly every one correct. I suspect there was some foul play afoot because I saw him lurking around the table looking what was underneath the napkins.


Soon it was time for the kids to sit at the table and make their own pizzas. I think this was the best part of the whole event to me. It was great watching my kids sit quietly and get the chance to create their dinner.


Even LM got to join in the fun with some help from Daddy. When the pizza masterpieces had been created they were taken away to be baked. So the children went off to play with the Num Noms again.

As well as fun and games at the event, they had a woman sat in the corner painting Num Noms on the kid’s faces. T said he is “too grown up” for face painting, so he got Num Nom tattoos.


It didn’t take long before the pizzas were ready. All the kids sat around the table and waited for their pizza to arrive. T was really happy with how his pizza face turned out.


Of course, after a beautiful pizza, the kids still had room for a pudding and only ice cream would do. All the kids gathered in front of the ice cream bar and got to create their very own ice cream concoction. P was in his element.


He got all a mint chocolate cone with all the trimmings. Even my Hubby managed to wrangle himself a nice chocolate and mint sundae. The lucky git. LM didn’t know whether she wanted to eat it or wear it. So she decided she would do both.


After I got LM clean, it was time to leave. So I rounded up my kids and we headed for the door with full bellies, covered in facepaint tattoos and huge grins on their faces. Which to me means we had a fun day out as a family, all thanks to Num Noms.

Now I can offer one of my readers the chance to enter my comp.

Win a Num Noms starter pack and Mystery Pot!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Num Noms Starter Packs – Each starter pack includes three Nums and one motorised Nom, plus a container, accessory, and collector’s menu. 

Num Nom Mystery Blinds Packs – What flavour will you get? Includes a Num and a surprised flavoured lip-gloss or stamps, in a super cool yoghurt styled mystery pot. 


*I got the invite in exchange for this post and comp but all thoughts and opinions of this event are my own.

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