Being a Stepparent isn’t easy


Being a Stepparent isn’t easy, of this, I am completely sure.

Instead of loving just one person, it could be two or three or more.

The family is ready built, for you to be a part of,

but first, you must respect, where the family started off.

This family use to be whole before it split in two,

And even though it wasn’t your fault the kids will still blame you.

They will paint you as the worse person to ever walk the earth,

But this is because deep down they carry a lot of hurt.

Being a stepparent isn’t easy, of this, I am completely sure.

There will be plenty of times you will want to run for the door.

But if you want to earn their trust, they have to know your there.

So be prepared for your parenting to be met with an icy glare.

They’ll say “You’re not my parent, you can’t tell me what to do!”

When this happen stand your ground because they should respect you.

You may not be their parent, but you open up your heart to them,

And it not ok for them to throw that out in every silly argument.

Being a stepparent isn’t easy, of this, I am completely sure.

But the reward of them accepting you is worth so much more.

It won’t happen overnight, so don’t be in a rush.

Because they will resist, the more you try to push.

Just give them time and let them know you will always be there,

Play games with them, engage with them and show them you care.

Don’t try to replace their parent, instead just be their friend,

Because that’s all they will really want in the end.

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If you could see inside my head!

When you walk down the street and see others people walking by. Some will smile politely while other concentrate on their phones or stare down at the ground.

They are all different but all have you thing in common. Head space.

Your thoughts and feelings are yours and yours alone. No one can tell what another person is thinking. You can’t tell just by look what is going on inside someone else’s head. Although I know I have wished many times that I knew what other people were thinking and at the same time I have been grateful they don’t know whats going on in my head.

You see, I am one of those people who can plaster on a fake smile. Every day I get up and I put on my armour that I believe will protect me from the world. I put up my semi confident front and go out in to the world. I smile, I chat and I attempt to get to know people and make friends.

What people don’t know is that while doing all this I have a running commentary telling me that everyone in the room doesn’t like me. It will go over every negative thing I have ever thought about myself and it will tell me that they’re thinking it too.

I will go over every thing trying my best not to say the wrong thing. But then the nervous will get the better of me and the verbal diarrhoea will start. This tends to put a lot of people off me because I end up saying something stupid or the wrong thing or I’ll be too honest and end up saying the first thing that pops into my head.

And while some people think I am weird or loud or that I’m just plain annoying. What they don’t know is any criticism they think about me. I have already thought about myself and I am far more crueller to myself then they could ever be. When I make a mistake or say something I consider wrong. I will replay that moment over in my head on a loop, thinking about where I could have made a change or thinking about what I should have said. This can go on for hours, days and sometimes even weeks.

All the while I will smile and try my best not to let my insecurities show. I will lie to myself and tell myself I don’t care about what other people think of me and that if they don’t like me it’s their lose.

And I wait for the day that someones sees past my smile and likes me for me. Worts and all!


x Nikki x


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The Great Mummy Escape


I have planned a great escape,
Because I am a woman in serious need of a break.

For 3 weeks and 2 days I have looked after my brood.
I have dealt with the tears, the tantrums and the moods.

“The summer holidays are great” they said.
So why do they only ever fill me with dread?

I no longer feel like a mum but a referee,
And I spend most of the day wondering if my kids even listen to me.

I decided that today was the day,
I was going to go out and have things my way.

No mini people arguing about which is better Pokemon or Batman,
I was going to leave the house alone, I was a mum with a plan.

As soon as the hubby walked through the door,
I would no longer answer to mum, that’s for sure.

I grabbed my bag and as quick as I could,
And ran for the door faster than I probably should.

Nothing was going to get in my way,
“Mummy’s going to do some work” I hear the hubby say.

As true as that statement may be,
I am actually going to have some time for me.

Because mummy is a person too,
And she needs to look after herself, as well as you.

So while I drink my coffee and chill,
Just know mummy loves you and always will.


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Why I wish I could have another baby!


There is a sort of magic that happens when those 2 little lines appear on that little stick. In that one moment your whole life changes, as you go through a rollcoaster of emotions. Excitement, terror, hope and probably a bit of nausea, that will all be caused by this new tiny bundle growing inside you.
Once the fact that you are going to have a baby sinks in. Your mind will start to wonder, as you watch your stomach bloom and grow.

What sex will your bundle be?
Will they look like you or their dad?
What colour eye and hair will they have?

These questions will only become more frequent as your stomach swells, then come the best bit. No one can explain how amazing and exciting it is the first time you start to feel those magical little flutters of your bundled wriggling around.

You will start looking forward to those nudges as you bond with your bump and communicate in your own secret sort of morse code. A little kick when you drink something cold, a happy wiggle when you eat something yummy and the washing machine summersaults as you both try to get comfy on a night. Each of these prodes and pokes will become a source of encouragement as they let you know that your little one is happy in their.

As the months roll on and you become bigger and more uncomfortable, your excitement will grow because soon you will meet this little bundle that you have been growing for so long. This little person who has already captured your heart and you feel like you know completely but have yet to meet.

When the time comes for your baby decides to make their appearance, you will push through every wave of pain, as your contractions rip through your body and you bring your little miracle into the world.

Nothing can beat the feeling you have when you hold your baby for the first time. You can sit there in complete awe as you drink in this beautiful creature that you helped create and they look up at you with such love and astonishment like you have known each other forever but actually you have just met this amazing little person and you can’t imagine life without them.

These are just some of the reason why I wish I could have another baby and I regret my husband having a vasectomy while I was pregnant LM, because now LM is getting older and is no longer a little baby anymore my arms are aching to cuddle another little bundle.

Even though I know in my heart that my family and my home couldn’t hold another baby, the urge to expand my family never seems to go away.

x Nikki x

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The Art of the Passive Aggressive Note

 There is a simple Art to writing a passive aggressive note. You have to get the words just right, so that you get your point across but also keep it light hearted and in some cases funny.

I know that over the last 7 years of my relationship with my Hubby I have left many passive aggressive notes or sent a snarky texts, when he has done something like eat the last of the bread and I have the kids packed lunches to make or when he unplugs my washing machine midwash to make a brew but then forgets to plug it back in afterwards. This normally happens when its full of the kid’s school uniforms or and outfit I need for the next day.

Passive aggressive notes between my Hubby and myself aren’t used to offend the other person but instead release the pent up irritations that arise during any relationship. Although I do normally tend to call him a dick in them.

But when I saw this infographic from Data Label that has also been featured on I couldn’t help but find The examples funny and the stats a little bit hard to believe.

7 PA notes

I think we all have this ability to send a passive aggressive note, text or even make a remark and not really realise we have done it.

But my question is what do you think?

Have you ever received a passive aggressive note?

Or where you the sender?

I would love you to leave an answer in the comments and let me know.

x Nikki x

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