How to do a Spiral Wrap hair braid

I remember when was younger I use to beg my mum to let me have a hair braided and wrapped whenever we were on holiday or at the beach and every so often I would get my wish and would be happy with my new accessory.

That was until a few weeks, days or sometimes hours later, when the novelty would wear off or it would start to grow/fall out and i would end up complaining or begging for another, that my mum soon came to realised it was actually a rather big waste of money and major cause of stress.

That is why, when I got older I was desperate to learn how to do a wrap in my hair and for my future daughter’s hair. I wanted my daughter/s to be able to have one any time of the year and it not cost me an arm and a leg to do it, plus if it fell out or they changed their mind so be it.

Even though last summer when we were on holiday in Tenerife, I was still very tempted to spend the 8 euros each for E and I to have wraps done. Just for old-time sake. Luckily E is rather shy around strangers so she didn’t want a lady she didn’t know playing with her hair, which actually ended up saving me from myself.

So that is why I thought I would share my easy steps on how to do a spiral wrap in your or your child’s hair.

Firstly this is what you will need:

  • Hair Brush
  • Comb
  • Coloured thread
  • Hair elastic
  • Coloured or Shaped Beads
  • Scissors

To start with you will need to brush through the hair with the hair brush and remove any knots or lugs and separate the hair in to its usual parting.

Then you want to take the comb and section out a thin area of hair to braid. When this is done secure the end with a hair elastic.

Once you have done this, measure out 150 cm (200 cm for longer hair) of coloured thread.
*Choose different colours to make it stand out.

Then find the middle of each piece of each thread and single knot them close together at the top of the braid, starting with the first colour you are going to use at the top.

Hold the thread flat against the braid and wrap one piece of the starting colour 5 times the braid as to cover the knots.

Once that is done start looping the thread around the braid in a single knot and pull tight. Repeat this 30 times.

When you reach the end the 30 knots you can switch to a different colour and just continue to loop and pull tight the second colour 30 times. At the end of 30 switch the colours again and continue to do so until the braid is covered.

When you reach the bottom tie the remaining threads into a knot and secure the ends.

* If you want to make it look really fancy you can add multi coloured beads or secure gems to the bottom of the wrap before you secure the knot.

It probably won’t look as well done as the one you get at the beach the first couple of time you try it and it does consume a lot of your time, this is because you are still learning and the ones you get on holiday or at the beach are done by people who do this kind of thing for a living. So make sure you or your child is sat comfortably.

I find it is great when my girls and I are wanting a girly day in braiding hair and painting their nails, because it gives us time where we can sit together and just talk while I don’t their hair and it looks super awesome in summer.

Specially if you practise and get the hang of it because you can make it look like your child has spent the day at the beach when really they have just stayed at home chilling out with their mum or step mum.

I hope you enjoy and if you do try this wrap I would love it if you could tag me @nikoteen87, on Instagram and twitter or send me a pic on my Facebook wall.

x Nikki x

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Entertaining the Kids, thanks to Twinkl

I always stress out when the kids start their half term holidays, mainly because I am always at a loss at what to do to help keep all the kids entertained. Having the age range of 18 months to 10 years old doesn’t help either. This is because normally the activities I have planned for the older kids are too hard for E and baby to take part in and vice a versa.

That was until I told about the great website Twinkl  

 It is and amazing education resource site that can be use for home education or by teachers and parents that what to help their children learn and get the best they can out of education. The site is aimed at children under the age of 10 and is full of great ideas and activities for all children of all ages and levels of education and ability. 

I really enjoyed taking a look around the website to see everything it had to offer. I love the fact that it had resource for the EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, EAL and best of all SEN. Because it meant that I could look at and print off resource to help all my children (including Baby) with their education and that there were activities for older kids and print out flash cards to help Baby.   


I also enjoyed the new feature that means you can create your own learning resources on Twinkl create based around thinking you and your family enjoy or for any upcoming projects you may want to work on together.

There are 3 levels of subscription on the website, such as:

  • Free Membership – this allows you access to a majority of the resources 
  • Gold  Membership – this is the low cost high quality option and cost £29.95 a year
  • Platinum Membership – this allows you access to all the resources and cost £44.94 a year

Plus they have a forum in which you can talk to professionals or fellow parents and home educators to support each other and swap ideas as a community.

My boys were super excited when they saw all they even had a MineCraft activity and resource section and begged me to start printing them out!  


They were very eager to start building their own little MineCraft world. 

I was just happy with how easy it was to navigate throught such an brilliant site that has an abundance of ideas, activities and study aids that you are bound to find something to keep the whole family happy and also make learning a easier and more fun experience for everyone. 

And thanks to Twinkl I was able to make it through another half term with some happy and entertained children.

I really suggest you take a look and see for yourself just how great the site truly is.

Nikki x 


Disclaimer… For this review I was compensated with a Platinum Membership, but all opinions are my own.  

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Weekend box review

Being a mum of four, I struggle to find fun, exciting and age appropriate activities to keep every one of my kids happy.
Also while T and P have scouts and swimming lessons, poor baby and E have no real after school activities or weekend clubs. This means I am left with a bored 3 year old who is dying to take part and join in with her brothers. (Baby is happy as long as we play peekaboo or sing nursery rhymes)

That’s why when I got the chance to sign up and review the Weekend Box from the WeekendBoxClub, I knew instantly that E and P would love it.

The Weekend Box is a box of educational and fun activities that help teach children in the process.
It is aimed at children aged between 3-6 years of age, and were created by a uncle that want to give his niece and nephew a fun, educational gift that would keep them engaged while teach them about the world around them.

Our box was themed around Aztecs

Because the box had a theme it made the whole experience more fun and I was able to teach my kids some history with out them actually realising. I did this by simply explaining who the Aztecs were and where they originated from as we did the activities.

The box was filled with 4 activities that all had there own little fact sheet explaining what to do, as well as some fun facts and tips.
With each activity sheet you were give a list of what you would need, such as scissors, glue and card etc.
The great thing about the Weekend Box is that most of the materials you need are sent in little packages that are box labeled and colour code to match the activity sheet. (This made my life so easy, even if it did mean the kids wanted to open them all and mixed them all together!)


Luckily I was able to keep their excitement at bay with the promise of Aztec hot chocolate (one of the activities) when we finished our first lot of activities.
On each information sheet there was a difficulty rating that was indicated by the number of stars. I gave E all the easy activities to do as she was younger and P tackled the more difficult ones.
Both kids loved it and got straight stuck in to what they had to do.


E made the Aztec parrots, While P made the Aztec prints.
I was really impressed with the fact that we were sent the materials for each activity and amazed by all the fun ideas.

We were sent everything except the glue and scissors. For the Aztec prints and parrots the information sheet stated you could use card or empty toilet rolls but if those weren’t available you could you the weekend box itself, because it all made of card and is 100% recyclable.

I really loved this fact and we tested it out with the prints. (I went for easy option of toilet rolls for parrots)
It stated how long each activity would take and the first ones said about an hour. For use they took much longer because we had to wait for glue and paint to dry before we could carry on with the next step.

Even though it took longer then it was meant to though it was still fun and the kids were easily entertained with colouring in the certificate that they were sent once they completed their box.

After we had left things to dry and had finished our colouring E’s parrots was ready to finish. Sadly P’s glue on his print was still really wet and we had to finish it the next day.
He was fine with it though

The next day he got on with finishing his prints and attempting to do his second task of making a coaster. While E and I made the Aztec hot chocolate.

I was given the instructions and told what ingredients I would need. E had great fun smashing the chocolate and adding all the spices we were sent. It smelled lovely and I really wanted to try it but apparently it was far too tasty to let mum or dad have any and the kids drank it all.


The only bad but happened when P finished his print and tried to do his Aztec coaster task.
This task had a 4 start difficulty rating and P got frustrated because the foam wouldn’t cut into the shapes he wanted he got annoyed and gave up. Then he proceeded to pull the foam into little pieces and stick them everywhere but the card that was provided.
This meant we didn’t finish the task and I wasn’t able to get any photos.

Even though P had got like this, I don’t believe it had anything to do with the Weekend Box and had more to do with the fact, that he and his big brother had been keeping each other up late the night before and he tired, irritable and really wanted his hot chocolate.

I would totally really recommend the Weekend Box and I am planning on ordering more in the future because the kids , especially E really enjoyed it. Even if we did only manage to complete 3 of the 4 tasks properly.

With this review I was given a promo code so that if any of my readers wanted to they could order their first WeekendBox for FREE.

Just use the code NICOLA184
*(this is for new customers only and just one free box is allowed per household)

I really hope you take a look and order your free box. So you can see how amazing they are for yourself.

Nikki x


I was not paid for this review, however I was given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it’s features.

We're going on an adventure

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Messy play mornings

Over last few days I have been right well but this morning I decided that even though I felt horrid still I was going to make some fun for my girls.

I decided I was going to leave them in their pj’s and let them have some messy play. That way they only had to get changed once and it saved my washing pile from expanding even further.

So after the older kids left for school I got some shaving foam, a towel and some toys. I say Baby and E on floor and then squirted the foam straight on to my laminate flooring.
I did think about put plastic sheeting down or their messy mat but my floor needed steaming and the foam worked as a extra layer or soap.


The girls loved it. E got out her plates and made some impressive foam pie and cappuccino. She the proceeded to try and feed me it repeatedly. After lots of “hmmmm” and “yummy” she finally gave in when I said I was full to burst.
Baby just kept trying to eat it. Every had full of foam went straight to her mouth. It became a fun game of catch her before she managed to eat it. (She did a few times)
After a good 20 minutes of this game. I decided it was time to clean up and to get E ready for nursery.
Also it was almost time for Mr Tumble on CBeebies. I was so shocked that Baby really got into it today and watched to whole show.


She was transfixed which really made me happy because it will really help her to pick up makaton signing and language.

So this morning was a busy, fun and messy morning. It was great.

What do you do for messy play fun?

Nikki x

let kids be kids

What’s the story

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This is the word my step daughter A used to describe the days she has spent with us and my boys gave alternative such as great, fun, awesome, mad and splendid.

Here is why:

It’s been half term this week in our house and so far the weather hasn’t been that great. We all know how stressful and frustrating it is when it rains during the school holidays.
The kids get bored and fed up. While us mums are ready to pull our hairs out due to the constant nattering, bickering and questions (that all seems to be about the same thing or we have already answered for the 100th time!)

Luckily this week I got my ahead of myself and managed to check the weather on my iPhone app and plan activities accordingly.

Go Me!

Which is very unlike me. Organisation is not a strong suit of mine (although I do try).

So my task for this week was to come up with fun ideas to keep all the kids entertained but across age range 0-9years.

We just relaxed the first weekend cause the weather wasn’t too bad the older kids got to ride their bike and played in the garden.

Our half term fun started on Monday. Where we all split up into different groups. T went on a long bike ride through the woods with hubby and his friend, P went to my sister to play with my nephews and A, E, Ivy, grandma and I went to a sensory Leeds.


Tuesday was the only nice day we have had all week so far. So we woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (T and E helped) before the older 3, grandma and I went on an adventure to dinosaur discovery and the local garden centre.


They had great fun exploring, digging and finding out about dinosaurs. They had little dinosaur suit they could put on and pretend to be dinosaurs. The kids loved the dinosaur head you could move around and pretend to eat the wild life, shrubberies and grandma!

We then went home and baked some more.

We did a prepacked box of rockie road buns and some chewy smartie cookies with a recipe I got from Netmums.
The kids loved baking and the buns turned out great, the cookies not so much, they got slightly burnt. (mummy got a little distracted after the fun of the day and forgot about the cookies in the oven)

Wednesday it was raining so I made some homemade play dough and I let the kids have fun while I prepared an indoor picnic for us to have in the living room (since we couldn’t have one outside).

The kids loved it and this is a direct quote, said it was

“The best day ever!”

Even Ivy managed to join in and have a few bits to gum to death.

We finished off the day watching film and chilling out.

Thursday, I needed to get out of the house. So we all went to the local indoor play area Funsters where we go on a regular basis. Mainly because the kids needed to run around and blow off steam. I talked the kids into wearing their wellies to the play area, so that on the way home they could jump in puddles and have some simple childhood fun.

with a quick stop off at the park which was on our journey (we were already wet from the puddles, so why not?)
Clearly the kids burnt off any left over energy on the walk/play home. It was at this point that A came up with this brilliant word Magnificent and I loved it.
so when we got home we got changed and enjoyed sound hot chocolate to warm us through after all the wet fun.

I then let the older 3 play on the Wii, while E and Ivy played with their toys on floor.
(I somehow managed to get some housework done in this time of tranquility as they all played nicely and quietly. It was amazing)

That leads us to now. I have some plans for tomorrow but it depends what happens when we get up. That may be a future post.

This week has been great fun though even if it has been busy and I must say the word magnificent fits because the tribe have played nicely and got on well. We have managed to do so much and enjoy every second of the time we have had together. I am actually a little sad for it to be over in the next couple of days but will also be glad to get back into my normal routine.

What have you been upto?

Nikki <3

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