About me.


Hi, my names Nikki. I’m 29 years old and proud mum of 4 beautiful kids T, P, E and LM (AKA Baby) an 2 step kids M and A.

I got married in March 2013 to my husband Andy. I was 11 weeks pregnant with our last child LM when I said my vows. It was when our daughter was born that we found ourselves on a unexpected, yet amazing journey because our youngest daughter has Down syndrome and I want to share our journey with you.
We were both already use to dealing with hospital appointments and stays. As E was born with kidney reflux (vesicoureteral reflux) and a duplex kidney, which means she is at risk of getting frequent water infections (UTI’s). E had surgery in June 2014 to hopefully correct the reflux.

This blog is about everything we get up to as a family and how I manage to deal with day to day life with 4 kids and lots of hospital appointments.
Meet T


12 years old

Likes: Minecraft, riding his bike, Lego and take outs

Dislikes: being told off, homework and tiding his room.

T is my first son and opened my eyes to motherhood. He is now a fledged tween that can be difficult to handle at times but deep down I know he has a big heart.

Meet P


8 years old

Likes: food, Minecraft, Scooby doo and going on walks with grandad.

Dislikes: bedtime, sleep and tidying up.

P is my second son and I love him dearly but he knows how to press all my buttons. Luckily he is super cute and gives great hugs, so he is easy to forgive.

Meet E


5 years old

Likes: Frozen, Tinker bell, Paw patrol, Doc Mcstuffins and my mummy’s cuddles.

Dislikes: being told no, bedtime and having to share with my brothers.

E is my third child an my first girl. She also had plenty of hospital visits herself due to a duplex kidney and kidney reflux.

Meet LM *AKA Baby


3 years old

Likes: cuddles, kisses, mummy’s singing (even though it’s terrible), my brothers and sister and going to play group.

Dislikes: loud noises, being told no and not getting her own way

LM rocks her extra chromosome, which makes her extra amazing.

I hope you enjoy reading and will, like and and follow us 🙂

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