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Once upon a time in a not so far off place, there was a larger than average family with a Father, a Mother and 5 adorable children. They use to love spending time together and going on lots of new and fun adventures.

With each new trip, the family would create many of greatly adored memories but due to the family’s very busy and hectic life they never have much time to sit down and reminisce about all the fun adventures they had been on together.

The mother tried so very hard to make sure the children remembered. So she placed photo’s all around her home and created cute little photo books that told the stories of their past. But as the number of her children increased and the older children grew the photographs changed and the photo books became ripped or faded.

The thought of not having anything to show and share with her children made the mother’s heartbreak. That was until she found BagsofLove. It was here that the mother was able to find loads of exciting and different products that contained her photo’s and memories. Best of all she was able to share these things with her family.

There were pillows, pictures, cups, mats and mugs but the mother didn’t want something for herself she wanted something the family could all use. After searching the site for a few more minutes she found a beautiful blanket that she could print a collage of her family and the adventures they had been on. Straight away she knew would be perfect. They could snuggle together under the blanket on cold days, spend story time wrapped up the soft fabric that was covered with their smiling faces and it would be there to make them feel better when they were ill.

Next, she had the funniest but the hardest part of the process, she had to design and choose which images she wanted on the family blanket. The hours whizzed by as she chose her photos while tweaking and changing her design to something that she loved.

And so with a few simple clicks on her laptop the Mother had ordered this fantastic blanket. It arrived within days and was beautifully wrapped. As soon as the mother felt the soft fabric of fleece blanket, she knew that this was just what she wanted. The quality and finish of the prints photos on the fabric was unbelievable, not a single memory was blurred or distorted.

It was then that the Mother knew she had got the best gift for her family to share together and that this blanket was going to be a source of love, comfort and security, as well as reminding her family of all the amazing things they have seen and done together.


The End

*I was sent this product in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Disney Princess Belle’s Musical Tea Cart

Beauty and the Beast is one of my husbands favourite Disney films, as well as one of my own. It is my feel good movie, that I love to curl up under a blanket and watch when I am feeling crappy or I have a bad day.

It does help that Belle is one of my favourite Disney princesses (besides Ariel of course). I love the fact that she is a strong, intelligent woman who knows what she wants, who stands up for herself and is able to see the beauty and ugliness in people. Although she isn’t my favourite character from the film, that honour goes to the cute little Chip, whose bravery ends up saving the day.


So when I was given the chance to review Belle’s Musical Tea Cart from Jakks. I was so excited to finally have a Chip the cup to have tea parties with my girls.


The Tea cart comes with 2 cups (1 of which is Chip), Mrs Pots teapot, 2 spoons, a tea party invite and of course a push along cart.


The cart is beautiful and is covered in cravings or roses and has cute pictures of Bella and the Beast when they danced and fell in love. It is made from a lightweight plastic that just clicks together, you may have to use a bit of force when assembling, but it only takes a matter of minutes. Once it is all put together the cart is really sturdy but can’t be taken apart again, so will need a place to store it when it’s not being played with.


Mrs Pot’s, Chip and the second cup are slotted into place on the pink rotating tray on the cart and when you press the rose button on the side of the cart or push the cart along they spin around while singing “Be Our Guest”.


It is fun and musical which is what most little girls want when they have tea parties. Although it isn’t just girls that like to play with this tea cart. E’s brother P was very eager to join in the fun and even helped set up the table while E prepared the tea.


They sat for ages pouring pretend tea. This is because the cups and Mrs Pots are not to be filled with real liquid as it states on the tray. But that doesn’t stop the fun because sometimes using your imagination is better than the real thing or at least my kids thought so.


It helped give E and P some sibling play/bonding time that didn’t end in an argument of he did this and she wouldn’t let me have that. It was nice.

Belle’s Tea Cart is aimed at children aged 3+, although the child’s height might need to be a consideration, as it stands at 53cm tall. It takes 3AA batteries and will make a fabulous gift for any Beauty and the Beast fans this Christmas.

I know my children have enjoyed playing with it and I see plenty of tea parties in my future.

x Nikki x

* I received this product for the purpose of the review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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National S.T.E.M/S.T.E.A.M Day with Project MC2 H2O car

National S.T.E.M/S.T.E.A.M Day is today (8th November). It is a great day that is to help inspire children into getting involved and interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths


Most people who know me will tell you that I love Science, Art, technology and sometimes even Maths (unless it in algebra). I have attended 2 colleges in my life, the first one I attended when I was 16 and I studied art with the dreams of becoming and fashion designer. Sadly that all got put on hold when T arrived a Shortly after I finished my first year.

Then when I was a little older I went back to college to redo my GCSE’s, it was then that I fell in love with Science and even went on to do Chemistry and Biology at A level.

So as you can guess I am an avid science lover and a little bit of a nerd myself, because of this I can really relate to the character from Project MC2 series that is shown on Netflix. The S.T.E.A.M based franchise is all bout four young girls who are teenage girls making their way through high school. As well as being a group of super secret spies and for an organisation NOV8


If you can’t tell already these girls aren’t your typical teenagers but are strong, smart and super sassy girls who help save the world on a regular basis, with ingenious experiments and awesome quick thinking and gadgets.

In the series, the girls have to invent a car that runs on just H2O (water) as part of a bet for a science competition. And because of this, they have brought on a fun remote control car that actually runs on water. Which I honestly think is amazing.


My girls thought so too. My boys were that interested as they don’t really get Project MC2, although they did enjoy playing with and trying to drive the remote control car. A is a massive MC2 fan and has been asking for all the different merchandise, so this car was right up her street. What I really enjoyed about it was the fact that we could have conversations as explained how the steam was made and how it helped power the car.


The car comes with a remote control and a fuel/water bottle to help you pour the water into the fuel tank. there is space to fit 2 Project MC2 dolls into the car so they can cruise around, once you connect the 2 wires into the engine, which uses AA batteries (which aren’t included).


All my kids have enjoyed playing with this car and it has helped us broach loads of fun and educational topics such as science, what makes cars run, fossil fuels and the environment. My girls think all cars should run on just water because it would be better for the environment.

I just hope that they will grow up to have the same love for science as I do but I know this car and the show has already set us on to that path.

 x Nikki x

*We were sent this product for the purpose of this post. All thought and opinions are my own.

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Disney Colours of the Sea Ariel


As some people might know from my previous posts. I love Disney and my Favourite Disney princess is Ariel and The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film of all time.

So when I got offered the chance to make bath times more magical for my girls by reviewing Colours of the Sea Ariel from JAKKS Pacific, I jumped at the chance.


Colours of the Sea Ariel is part of the Disney Toddler dolls collection so she has the big shiny eyes that sparkle when you play with her. Ariel can be free standing due to the shape of her mermaid tail, this  makes brushing and washing her hair a lot easier. She comes with a detachable crown and a squirting Flounder to help create more bath time fun.


This doll is able to be fully submerged in the water and even has sensors in the tail that can tell when her tail is wet and begins the lights and playing music.


It is a great sensory for LM and has helped use make bath times more fun. All because of the bright lights that change colour when you press Ariel’s necklace, plus Ariel says up to fourteen different phrases and sing the song “Part of Your World” from the movie when her tail touches the water.


Giving LM a bath sometimes can be hard work. She doesn’t like the water to be too deep and she absolutely hates having her hair washed. She won’t let me pour water on her head and she definitely will not lay down in the bath.

Normally I have to get in the bath with her and let her pour water on my head and pray some of it splashes onto her or we would play a turn taking game that were she pours water on me but she would fight and struggle when it come to her turn.

Since having this doll in the bath though LM has started to calm down and have more fun. She likes dunking Ariel under the water and gets so distracted by the lights and the singing that she doesn’t really notice when I start pouring water over the back of her head.


E also loved singing along with Ariel and myself, but she was more interested in Flounder and squirting water at me and everything else in the room.

I will say that I don’t really like the Flounder bath toy as it is a closed water toy and is very difficult to clean the inside after use, which means over time mould with start to build up inside him and he will have to be thrown away.


That been said my girls loved Ariel and she was easy to clean after she had been played with in the bath. Her hair was even easy to brush after it had gotten wet.

I would recommend this toy for a child aged 3+ who adores The Little Mermaid or to any parent who is wanting to make bath times a little bit more Magical. They can be found in many good stockist and RRP at £34.99.


x Nikki x

I will say sorry for the blurry photos as it was very difficult trying to take pictures while being splashed and trying not to dropping or drowning my phone. Oh and my girls don’t normally have a bath in their swimsuits that was only for the purpose of this review.

*We Were sent this doll for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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Baby Born Interactive Dragon Review

Baby Born have brought out an amazing new range of Baby Born Wonderland and part of this new range is the stunning and totally awesome Interactive Dragon.


As soon as I saw this toy being advertised on TV, I knew I had to have it in my life and I was ready to go all Game Of Thrones to get one. Thankfully I didn’t

Thankfully I didn’t have to awaken my inner Khaleesi to get one. Instead, I was sent one in exchange for this review.


The dragon is covered with a soft purple fur, while her wings and underbelly are a beautiful shiny rainbow fabric. She comes in a pack with a ‘magic’ interactive wand, an egg and a mini dragon. (which is part of a surprise later on and you will understand how I know she is a she)

The interactive wand can be simply placing it against the star on the dragon’s forehead, this makes her eyes and nostrils light up. If you double tap the wand then the dragon will begin to walk, flap her wings and make cute dragon growls.


I think this toy is adorable, especially with those big sparkly eyes just staring up at you. Every time I look at it I want to go Awwwwwwww.

However, that hasn’t stopped me playing with her when the kids have gone to bed and making Baby Born’s sister fly on her back like Daenerys and reenact my own Game of thrones episode. (I know I am such a child)


I can’t wait for Christmas to get here because I know the Elf on the Shelf and this dragon are going to have lots of fun. But enough of my fun with this toy, I can say my girls have loved playing with it. LM like watching her slowing crawl across the room and even tries to copy her growl.

E, on the other hand, was more interested in the egg. Yes, this dragon lays an egg.  (Surprise, see how I know she is a she)


Which if I am honest at first creeped me out a little as the toy has a hole under her tail where you have to push the egg into before, gently lifting the tail and watching her give birth.

But once I got over my childishness, I soon saw how much fun my girls were having with this really sweet and entertaining toy. E has made you some fantastic stories about princesses and magical kingdoms, while LM keeps trying to sit on the dragon’s back like Baby Born’s sister. (I do not recommend this) 

I think this toy will be a great toy for any child aged 2+. It is priced at £54.99 and comes with batteries included, so you can play with it straight from the box. Which is always a win.


 x Nikki x

*We were sent this product is exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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