#HartleysYourLunchboxes with Hartley’s Jelly pots – Lunch box ideas

With the summer holidays quickly coming to an end. (Finally!)
My thoughts have turned to ideas of fun and cost-effective ways I can make healthy lunches my kids will enjoy. Because although most kids love sandwiches, I know my lot would hate having to have them day in and day out. They would look in their lunch boxes and think “not another ham sandwich”. So I always try to mix things up in my kid’s lunch boxes.

That is why I thought it would be a good idea to sign up to take part in the #HartleysYourLunchboxes challenge. Then I could share my tasty ideas with my readers and maybe help them come up with some fun Lunchbox meals for their kid’s lunch boxes.


Ninja Lunchbox
If your little ones are Lego Ninjago fans like my boys, then this is the perfect lunch box for them. While some people may think the dead gingerbread man is a bit much I thought it was a little bit of fun. Plus Ninjas were actually Assassins. So it is both fitting but also educational.


You will need:

  • 1 Baby Bell (use black icing to create the eyes)
  • 4 Sausages to spell and N for Ninja
  • 2 Jam filled Throwing Stars
  • Mixture of Carrot and Cucumber Spears
  • 1 Hartley’s Jelly Pot
  • Raisins
  • Ginger Bread man

Pitta Bread Pizza Faces

These are a firm favourite in my house because these pizzas are quick to make but also they are cost-effective. I have written all about them in a previous blog, which you can find here. This fun and easy recipe for pitta bread pizza’s is great because you can change the design and flavour to suit you child.  They can even have a go at creating their own.

  • Pitta Bread Pizza (Recipe can be found in the previous post)
  • Tomato and Cucumber salad
  • Chicken Skewers
  • Piece of Fruit (we choose an orange)
  • Hartley’s Jelly Pot


Make Your Own Wrap

This is aimed at the older child. Now that T is heading off to Upper School. I have had to start coming up with fun, healthy and non-embarrassing lunches. This is perfect for him because he can decide what he wants to eat and what he doesn’t.


  • 1 Wrap sliced in half
  • Chicken pieces
  • Grated Cheese
  • Mixed Salad
  • Mini Pepperami
  • Apple
  • Hartley’s Jelly pot

Everything a growing tween boy needs.

The Hartley’s challenge is part of a campaign to make parents aware of that Hartley’s Jelly Pots are the perfect size for lunch boxes and are a great treat for little ones too. From July onwards, if you collect 12 of the green topped Hartley’s Jelly pots you can claim a Free Hartley’s lunch box and stickers.


So start collecting them today and your child can have their very own lunchbox that they can design themselves.

Finally, if you let me know what you think about my lunch box ideas in the comments.
You can even share some of your ideas because I would love to give them a try.


x Nikki x

*This post is an entry for BritMums #HartleysYourLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Hartley’s Jelly

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Num Noms event at Bella Italia with comp

Num Noms were a big hit when they were released earlier this year. So much so the creators of the decided to bring out a whole new series. The new series 2 packed with exciting and fun flavour combinations and smells.

So when we got the invite to Bella Italia in Leeds to celebrate the new Num Noms series. My family and I were eager to see what the event was about.

The restaurant was decorated with Num Nom pictures and there were games, colouring and an array of brightly coloured Num Noms. All 4 of my kids dove in straight into the Num Nom stacking. While E and LM were happy just playing with the brightly coloured toys, while T and P were busy hunting for wasabi go go and trying to build the biggest tower.


My step daughter A had no interest in the stacking competition going on in the corner. She was much happier designing her own Num Nom.


The event was only a small one but I think that made it all the more fun. It meant that everyone got a go on the activities and the was no long waits in line for face painting. Even the hubby joined in with some of the fun and had a go at guessing the smell game.


P was the best at being able to guess the smell and got nearly every one correct. I suspect there was some foul play afoot because I saw him lurking around the table looking what was underneath the napkins.


Soon it was time for the kids to sit at the table and make their own pizzas. I think this was the best part of the whole event to me. It was great watching my kids sit quietly and get the chance to create their dinner.


Even LM got to join in the fun with some help from Daddy. When the pizza masterpieces had been created they were taken away to be baked. So the children went off to play with the Num Noms again.

As well as fun and games at the event, they had a woman sat in the corner painting Num Noms on the kid’s faces. T said he is “too grown up” for face painting, so he got Num Nom tattoos.


It didn’t take long before the pizzas were ready. All the kids sat around the table and waited for their pizza to arrive. T was really happy with how his pizza face turned out.


Of course, after a beautiful pizza, the kids still had room for a pudding and only ice cream would do. All the kids gathered in front of the ice cream bar and got to create their very own ice cream concoction. P was in his element.


He got all a mint chocolate cone with all the trimmings. Even my Hubby managed to wrangle himself a nice chocolate and mint sundae. The lucky git. LM didn’t know whether she wanted to eat it or wear it. So she decided she would do both.


After I got LM clean, it was time to leave. So I rounded up my kids and we headed for the door with full bellies, covered in facepaint tattoos and huge grins on their faces. Which to me means we had a fun day out as a family, all thanks to Num Noms.

Now I can offer one of my readers the chance to enter my comp.

Win a Num Noms starter pack and Mystery Pot!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Num Noms Starter Packs – Each starter pack includes three Nums and one motorised Nom, plus a container, accessory, and collector’s menu. 

Num Nom Mystery Blinds Packs – What flavour will you get? Includes a Num and a surprised flavoured lip-gloss or stamps, in a super cool yoghurt styled mystery pot. 


*I got the invite in exchange for this post and comp but all thoughts and opinions of this event are my own.

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#hellogoodtimes with McDonald’s

Finding fun and entertaining activities to keep the kids entertained over the summer holidays can be a major task and then finding the money to pay for all these activities can be even harder.

That why McDonald’s have started a nationwide #hellogoodtimes campaign. Which aims to bring fun and free events to family across the UK this summer.


So when my family and I were invited along to the event they were holding in Roundhay park , Leeds last week. I was really excited to go see what it was all about. Sadly the weather wasn’t on our side when we turned up. It was cold, wet and windy. (we never seem to have any luck when it comes to outside events)

Thankfully we are all little troopers and we won’t let a little rain spoil our fun.


When we got to the event we were greeted by a very upbeat and friendly member of the good times squad. She was dancing about and trying to get people to come along and join in the fun.

She didn’t need to try very hard with my children. They had already ask to go see the Mcflurry van at least 100 times since it had come into their eye sight. IMG_0727

We were directed to the photo booth where my friend Mel, myself and all the kids squeezed into the shot as we wanted to get everyone and there props in the pic.
It was great fun pretending we were at a massive festival.
After we had our 3 pictures taken we got a copies printed out and if we uploaded it to twitter everyone in the picture got a free Mcflurry.

Mixing it up with #McFlurry #hellogoodtimes Mixing it up with #McFlurry #hellogoodtimes @mcdonalds_uk

A photo posted by Nikki Fraser (@nikoteen87) on

With a free Mcflurry and lots of fun we soon forget about the horrid weather and instead went to play in the ball pool.
The aim of the game was that everyone got a chance to dive in and try to find the red good time ball. If you did then you won a McDonald’s beach ball.


The kids were in their element and desperate to find the good time ball, but sadly it wasn’t to be.

So they settled with some good times goodie bags and enjoyed the rest of their Mcflurry, before we set off and had and adventure in Roundhay Park.

If you want to find out when if and when McDonald’s is going to be holding a #hellogoodtimes event near you. Check it out here.


*This is a sponsored post

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If you could see inside my head!

When you walk down the street and see others people walking by. Some will smile politely while other concentrate on their phones or stare down at the ground.

They are all different but all have you thing in common. Head space.

Your thoughts and feelings are yours and yours alone. No one can tell what another person is thinking. You can’t tell just by look what is going on inside someone else’s head. Although I know I have wished many times that I knew what other people were thinking and at the same time I have been grateful they don’t know whats going on in my head.

You see, I am one of those people who can plaster on a fake smile. Every day I get up and I put on my armour that I believe will protect me from the world. I put up my semi confident front and go out in to the world. I smile, I chat and I attempt to get to know people and make friends.

What people don’t know is that while doing all this I have a running commentary telling me that everyone in the room doesn’t like me. It will go over every negative thing I have ever thought about myself and it will tell me that they’re thinking it too.

I will go over every thing trying my best not to say the wrong thing. But then the nervous will get the better of me and the verbal diarrhoea will start. This tends to put a lot of people off me because I end up saying something stupid or the wrong thing or I’ll be too honest and end up saying the first thing that pops into my head.

And while some people think I am weird or loud or that I’m just plain annoying. What they don’t know is any criticism they think about me. I have already thought about myself and I am far more crueller to myself then they could ever be. When I make a mistake or say something I consider wrong. I will replay that moment over in my head on a loop, thinking about where I could have made a change or thinking about what I should have said. This can go on for hours, days and sometimes even weeks.

All the while I will smile and try my best not to let my insecurities show. I will lie to myself and tell myself I don’t care about what other people think of me and that if they don’t like me it’s their lose.

And I wait for the day that someones sees past my smile and likes me for me. Worts and all!


x Nikki x


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Oulton Hall Spa day with Asda, Little Angels

Getting a day off from my mummy duties don’t come around very often. So when I was contacted by the lovely team at Myriad PR and asked if I would like attend a blogger spa day at Oulton Hall, Leeds in honour of Asda’s new range of Little Angels nappies. I jumped at the chance.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 14.01.15

I was really excited because I found out my blogger friend Lindsey from Newcastle Family Life was going. This meant that we would be able to have a good catch up while we were being pampered. We met up with 2 other bloggers Cat from www.rockandrollpussycat.co.uk and Debbie from www.countryheartandhome.com at the train station and traveled to Oulton Hall together.

When we arrived at the beautiful 18th century mansion, I was blown away by how grand and breathtaking it is. I knew about Oulton Hall before I was invited to this event, as it was one of the venues I had looked at for mine and hubby’s wedding and in my honest opinion the photos of this stunning hotel don’t do it justice. It is utterly stunning and I am gutted we decided against it. Maybe in future if we ever renew our vows.

I did take loads of photos but while I was there, I dropped my phone and smashing the screen. I got a replacement phone the next day and thought my pictures were saved to my iCloud account. Sadly they weren’t and are gone. I only have the pictures I shared on my instagram.


When we enter the lounge we were greeted by the amazing team who were hosting the event, as well as the representative who would be giving the presentation about the new range. We were one of first to arrive and decided to explore the grounds while everyone else.

The gardens and golf course are just as stunning and elegant as the mansion. Sadly the weather didn’t want to play and we soon had to go inside to escape the rain.

Once back inside we all settled down with glass of fizz and listened to the presentation. I found it really interesting learning about all the changes Asda have made to Little Angels nappy range. They have brought out some new products as well as improving on the best sellers. The new range will cover you from bump to  birth and right up to when your little one is dry at night.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.28.56


These nappies are specially designed to be extra delicate on newborn babies and contain Dreamskin technology. This means that the nappies will help protect and sooth your newborns delicate skin. They also contain a wetness indicator to let you know when your baby needs changing, as well as Little Angels sizing up guide. The nappies go from size 0 to 3 and offer that little bit extra TLC for you special little bundles.


Comfort Dry

The Comfort Dry range is Asda’s best selling nappy. It has been proven to be as absorbent as the leading brands but at a fraction of the cost. I have bought these nappies myself and I must admit they are good quality and cost under £4 pre pack. These nappies also contain the handy sizing up guide and come in size 3 to 6+. Just so you know the + is in regards to the nappy being more absorbent and not a bigger size.


Supreme Protection


Little Angels Supreme Protection and the softest and most absorbent nappy in the whole range. This make them prefect for night time wear because the offer 12 hours of dryness and are extremely comfy and soft of baby’s skin. These nappies don’t have to be just worn at night time. They have expertly designed stretchy side and a secure back elastic to help the nappy stay secure as your baby moves around and grows into and adventurous toddler.

Just like the rest of Little Angels range these nappies have the sizing up guide, as well as a colour coded waist band to help parents know when its time to move up a size. They come is sizes 3 to 6+


First Pants

200004 v4

Little Angels Peppa Pig First Pants are a fun and colourful way to get you little ones use to the idea of potty training. They perform just like a nappy but have to be pulled up like pants instead of front fastening. This is why First Pants are a great way to help your little one make the step up from nappies.

Each First Pants contains absorbent gel beads which absorb up to 30 times their own weigh. Giving you 12 hours of dryness meaning First Pants can be used for both day and night. They come in size 4, 5 and 6 and are aimed at toddlers aged 12+ months.

The Peppa Pig design is to help your child engage and enjoy their new pants. Plus with every promotional pack of Peppa Pig First pants you purchase in-store or online, you could win the complete Peppa Pig DVD collection, worth more than £40! This competition started in August 2016 and each month a lucky winner will be picked until March 2017.


After the presentation everyone was put in to group and given times for their spa appointment. As the first group left, the rest of us enjoyed afternoon tea and chatted amongst ourselves. It was so lovely to be able to have a conversation with other grown up with being pulled on, climbed on or interrupted a dozen times.

Soon it was time for our spa appointment, each one of us was given a back, shoulder and neck massage, before getting a choice between a manicure or pedicure.


I choose to get my nails done a lovely pink colour to match the dress I was wearing. Afterwards we went into the relaxation room and met up with some other bloggers. It was utter bliss to be able to lay still in a peaceful room* and just relax without having to get up and get something for someone or pick up toy and change nappies. I was a little sad when I looked at the time and realised the event was nearly over.

*Well as peaceful as it’s going to get with a room full of bloggers all chatting. I think we even drove a few club members to leave due to noise.

Before we left the wonderful team gave everyone some massive goodie bags filled with Little Angels products to try out. Also in the bags there was a lovely fluffy robe and some spa treats for me.

All in all it was a great event and I am so honoured I was invited along to enjoy a much needed day of rest and relaxation. We have loved using the Supreme Protection nappies and LM loves the Peppa Pigs First pants. Even if it has encouraged/enabled her to start streaking around the house more.

x Nikki x

*I was invited to attend this event in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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