Stegosaurus Dinosaur DNA


My boys love dinosaurs, they have always loved dinosaurs, ever since they were little. I always thought it would be just one of those phases kids go through but no dinosaurs are the one thing my boys have stuck with and that’s how I knew the Stegosaurus Dinosaur DNA would be a great toy for them.

Soon as we received the Stegosaurus Dinosaur DNA the boys were really excited and very eager to get the box open as see what was inside. Both were discussing who would do what bit and where happily talking about how they hoped there was 2 hammers, so they didn’t have to share.

With T being the eldest he automatically tried to take control of the situation and started trying to boss P around. So I stepped in and explained that they would take turns hammering/cutting/digging through the block and to make it completely fair I had Siri flip a coin to see who went first.

The winner was P with heads.


I will say I got rather nervous for T’s fingers as I watched him brandish the little plastic hammer. The block of plaster took a lot to make even a little dent in it. So after a while of letting the boys chisel, cut and hammer away at the block and watched them get more and more frustrated, to the point that I could see this fun activity turning into a massive argument/fight. So I decided to get my trusty hammer out and I broke the big block into lots of smaller pieces, so the boys could each dig through and find pieces each.


Crisis averted and peace was resorted, all thanks to my trusty hammer. I wonder if that’s what Thor feels like some days?

Once the boys had started to find pieces of their dinosaur, their excitement grew. They were thrilled when they found the little tube filled with the dinosaur DNA, but not so excited to leave the bones in the plaster while they stuck the missing DNA to the mat.

By this point I left the boys to have their fun and watched as they worked together and where actually getting along nicely. In that time I downloaded the DinoCodes app on from the App Store on my iPhone 6*.  The boys had finished removing all the pieces of the dinosaur skeleton and T decided he wanted to started putting the pieces together while P helped me choose the DNA stickers to go on the mats.


Both where happy as the each had a job to do and I was happy because they weren’t squabbling. Once the missing piece of DNA was secured back where it belonged. P and I when out in to the garden to see what happens when you point your phone at the mat. We where both shocked to be treated by a rather big stegosaurus on the screen of my phone that looked like it was walking right at us.

We played around with the Dinosaur on my screen, making it roar, charge and even turn and swing it massive spiky tail at us. The boys loved setting it up so they could make it look like they were petting it, feeding it or that it was hitting them with it big tail.


It’s a good job stegosaurus are herbivores or it might have decided to take T’s arm off.

In the set you get 2 mats with the missing DNA, one of the dinosaurs and another mystery mat. We got the stegosaurus and a town being hit by a tornado. You can use the mats separately or you can add them together to make the scene loads more exciting and run.

For days the boys pretended they had a pet dinosaur, that they called Steggy. They had great fun with this activity set and they love the glow in the dark Dinosaur skeleton, that they have sneaked up into their room. P even took it to school to show his teacher, who was very impressed.


The boys have honestly loved playing with this set even though it did take a while and they did start to snap at each other because they each wanted to have a turn and nether of them wanted to wait. but once i broke the block up into smaller pieces and they realised they could both work together and do it, they started to get along and enjoy themselves.

They would definitely recommend. As would I.

Each kit has 2 mats, 1 bloke, 1 hammer/pick axe/knife, 1 brush and 1 chisel. Inside the block is a little plastic tube with the missing DNA stickers inside** as well as all the pieces for a glow in the dark dinosaur skeleton.

You can find this set and the other 2 sets on Amazon For £13.99

Which I believe is a great price for this because it will help keep your little future archaeologist happy for a while and afterward you will have hours of fun playing with the virtual dinosaurs and you kids will love showing all the pictures and videos to their friends.

Go test it out for yourself and see how much they love it.

Nikki x

* This app will only work on iPhones 5 or newer.
** If the stickers get lost, ruined or are unusable there are spares on the information sheet that also comes with the pack.


  •  I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts, feeling and opinions are my own.

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VIVID XIII Bike lights from Camden Gear

*The VIVID XIII 200 lumens bike light is not something I know much about, however my Hubby is loves mountain biking, so the testing for this product was done by him and I am just typing up his point of view.


The VIVID XIII is a 200 lumens bike light from Camden Gear is a great bike accessory that can easily be slipped from its mountain bracket to be used as a torch and is great for mountain bikers and cyclists alike.

These Bright lights have a range of setting such as high beam, low beam and strobe setting, which means you have a setting for every environment you ride in. High beam for woodland and night riding, low beam for when you are riding around sunset or sun rise and strobe setting to help riders to be more visible when city and road riding.

In the pack you receive;

  • Front white light
  • Mounting bracket
  • Rear red light
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • USB charger and wire

The lights are powered by a rechargeable battery but can also be powered by 3 AAA batteries.

You can use these lights in all types of weather, because they are made from Military Spec aluminium alloy, which is similar to what they use for aircrafts. Which means these lights will still work come rain or shine, hail or storms and even the occasional fall, as my hubby found out.


The front light is the brighter of the 2 and is made up on white LED bulbs to help create a bright beam to help light up your path, while the small rear red light is to make drives aware you are in front when riding on the road. Both are extremely bright and help you to have high visibility, so fellow cyclists and drivers know if you are riding on the roads.

My hubby like how easy the light where to install and the fact that you didn’t need tools to get the mounting bracket to fit snuggly on his bike handle bar. He found the light easy to use and really practical. He hasn’t stopped playing with them since and these light have really helped him get back in to mountain biking again after he had a short break. He loves how light weight and durable they are, even after he bailed off his bike that when sailing into a tree, the lights still worked well and barely had a scratch on it

These easy to install and reliable lights are from Camden Gear and can be found on their website or you can order them from Amazon on sale for £19.99 instead of the original price of £39.99

These can be a great gift if you are into cycling or mountain biking or if you are just a bit of a Gadget geek and need a reliable, durable but small flash light.

x Nikki x

* I was sent this product for the purpose of this review and for my hubby to review. All thoughts and opinions are his own.

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My First Weigh In!

As some of you my know, 2 weeks ago I wrote a post about Trying to find a new me! Where Explain how unhappy I was with my weight and how I wanted to start making some changes in my life to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

weigh in

Now I’m going to be honest my first week of dieting when horribly wrong and I gave up after 3 days and started munching chocolate and drinking wine. I put this mainly down to the fact that I started a diet over the school half term, like a dick.

I somehow expected my life not to be stressful and for me to be able to resist the temptation of chocolate and sweets I was surrounded by.

So I rode out the half term week in a blur of days out, nattering kids and really unhealthy eating.

Even though I didn’t make the best choices when it came to my food and drink. I did cut down a lot on the amount of wine I was drinking and I still tried to stay as active as I possibly could.

I even signed myself up and started a Forever Living C9 cleanse to help me lose some weight and help get my body back in healthy mode.

But must have done something because when I weighed myself on Sunday, I had lost 1lbs.

Sunday was also the day I started my C9 cleanse. I have since then weighed myself again and I am down another 3lbs. So that’s a grand total of 4lbs.

As for my exercise, I didn’t really get to the gym over half term as something always found a way of coming up. But today my Hubby and I both managed to go to the gym together and we even got offered a free 1 hour personal train session.

At the Gym

Which I am thinking of taking up but after I have finished the C9, because I don’t think I will handle doing a full personal trainer session without having a proper breakfast of poached eggs on whole wheat toast or porridge etc.

Basically fuel food for me to burn through and give me the energy I need last full hour of being put through my paces.

Anyway, I am rambling about food and exercise. When what I want to say is that each week on a Thursday I will be posting a Weigh In post to hopefully show you all the lovely weight lose journey I will be on plus give me chance to share any hints, tips or info I gather along the way.

And if you want to follow my C9 Journey you can do on Instagram and Snapchat @nikoteen87

Bye for now

x Nikki x

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Review – The Rainbow Factory, Farsley, Leeds

The Rainbow Factory in Farsley, Leeds is a fun and different play experience for kids.

This interactive adventure play area (when I say play area I don’t mean like a soft play area) helps bring your child’s favourite story books to life through creative and imaginative play.


When you walk through the doors of the entrance you are greeted with amazing decorations that help set the scenes from your numerous books and fairy tale that you would have read growing you. You start by paying for your tickets at the little gingerbread house (which is also where you can buy an array food, drinks, tea and coffee).

Child 3 Yrs & Older ……………………………………. £8.00
Child 1- 2 Yrs …………………………………………….. £4.00
Adults & Children 12+ ……………………………….. £4.00
Under 1 yrs  (11 months or under) …………….. FREE
Family Ticket (2 Kids & 2 Adults) ……………….. £22.00


As soon as you have paid the experience begins with you following the yellow brick road that leads a big curtain and into a book. Behind the curtain is a magical walk away that is litter with beautiful; pieces of art work that represents a different story. Such as Alice’s Adventure is Wonderland, The Gingerbread man, Babbit, Aladdin, Where the Wild Things Are, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin and Little Red Riding Hood.


When we got there its wasn’t very busy but that didn’t bother us because it meant that the girls had the staff to themselves and they got a more personal experience. The Staff asked E what her favourite stories were and even though they weren’t the stories that they normally follow in their themes. The staff where more than happy to try to make The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom come to life for her. But first we started off making name tags in the Goldilocks kitchen.

nebula group

Because LM is only 2 the idea of sitting down and making name tags didn’t entertain her, she was more happy wandering round and exploring all the different areas. She loved going through the toy chests and I even tried to see if she would dress up in their fantastic and impressive range of fancy dress outfits, they have.

I loved the fact that if there was a book character you wanted to dress up as, they would have had the outfit or something that could have easily been adapted to fit that character. They also have a wall full of books that where just waiting to be picked up and read. LM loved this because she adores sitting a flipping through the pages of books. You don’t even have to read them to her.


While E was happy getting involved with arts and crafts LM was happily running around in front of the stage, pretending to mow the grass. The Staff again didn’t let the fact the LM wasn’t interested in what everyone else were doing and were more than happy to join in with what she wanted to do and make it fun for her. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

Every 15 mins or so the staff will ring a bell to signal that a new activity was about the beginning. After they had finished the name tags, they moved on the Musical Monkeys, which was right up LM’s street. IMG_0249

The staff sang along to Old McDonald and used the makaton or animal signs they knew and were very willing to learn a few more signs and even a LM’s favourite song from me. As you can tell LM was more interested in the fun musical treasure chest then watching what we were doing. E enjoyed when we got up and sang the Grand Old Duke of York while going of a hunt for Humpty Dumpty. Who I will say wasn’t sat on a wall but had somehow got stuck ups in a tree.


It was here that the staff really got E to come out of her shell and got her using her imagination by having her leading us around, while banging on her drum and asking her how she thought Humpty Dumpty had managed to get up in the tree, instead of being sat on the wall.

When Musical Monkeys finished, the girls and I decided to go explore the secret garden, which is a fun little outdoor area. To get there you have to go up a stair case and through a door and then turn right before you find the beautiful garden with 3 little stages and a story circle made up of tree stumps.


The fence is covered in painted flowers every colour of the rainbow and they have a little flower garden with coloured windmills and a cute little scarecrow. The girls loved this area the most because it just screamed fun and freedom. They could run around and burn off steam while also hunting down the characters from the books we all now and love.

Outdoor pic

Pretty soon the girls started to get hungry so we decided to buy some lunch. My mum and I ordered Afternoon tea which cost £12, it was meant to be for 2, so we brought the girls 2 lunch boxes but the afternoon tea was huge and would have easily have fed all of us.


After lunch we joined in a few more activities but because we had arrived at The Rainbow Factory shortly after 10 am (which is when they opens) We stayed as until 2pm which is about as long as LM would last because when we left she was in serious need on a nap and I have forgotten to bring her pram. But in that time we were taken on a Gruffalo adventure, where we pretended to be the little brown mouse, walking through the deep, dark wood. We made cute little rice shakers to shakers on our Gruffalo hunt afterward we made Gruffalo masks and the staff read E and LM the story of Babbit, which E has now asked me to get to read her before bed.

The Girls loved it and I really want to go back soon with my older children because I know P and A will love it as much as I do. The Rainbow Factory really wants to help children learn to love books, which to me is one of the best gifts you can give a child.

Nikki x

* My family were given free admission for the purpose of this review.

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Why I wish I could have another baby!


There is a sort of magic that happens when those 2 little lines appear on that little stick. In that one moment your whole life changes, as you go through a rollcoaster of emotions. Excitement, terror, hope and probably a bit of nausea, that will all be caused by this new tiny bundle growing inside you.
Once the fact that you are going to have a baby sinks in. Your mind will start to wonder, as you watch your stomach bloom and grow.

What sex will your bundle be?
Will they look like you or their dad?
What colour eye and hair will they have?

These questions will only become more frequent as your stomach swells, then come the best bit. No one can explain how amazing and exciting it is the first time you start to feel those magical little flutters of your bundled wriggling around.

You will start looking forward to those nudges as you bond with your bump and communicate in your own secret sort of morse code. A little kick when you drink something cold, a happy wiggle when you eat something yummy and the washing machine summersaults as you both try to get comfy on a night. Each of these prodes and pokes will become a source of encouragement as they let you know that your little one is happy in their.

As the months roll on and you become bigger and more uncomfortable, your excitement will grow because soon you will meet this little bundle that you have been growing for so long. This little person who has already captured your heart and you feel like you know completely but have yet to meet.

When the time comes for your baby decides to make their appearance, you will push through every wave of pain, as your contractions rip through your body and you bring your little miracle into the world.

Nothing can beat the feeling you have when you hold your baby for the first time. You can sit there in complete awe as you drink in this beautiful creature that you helped create and they look up at you with such love and astonishment like you have known each other forever but actually you have just met this amazing little person and you can’t imagine life without them.

These are just some of the reason why I wish I could have another baby and I regret my husband having a vasectomy while I was pregnant LM, because now LM is getting older and is no longer a little baby anymore my arms are aching to cuddle another little bundle.

Even though I know in my heart that my family and my home couldn’t hold another baby, the urge to expand my family never seems to go away.

x Nikki x

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