Joules Shark Lunchbox Review

Back to school is a time where parents are all looking around for the best quality stuff at the best price.

But we end up buying low price products that we believe are decent, only to find out after a week or so that they’re ruined or lost and the kids need new t-shirts or shoes or lunchbox.

It almost brings me to tears to think about the amount of money I have wasted on the uniform that just falls apart or lunch boxes that disappeared because they’re 6 kids with the same one.

That why I have started choosing quality over price and shopping around for the best products. I would make it my mission find something different, yet still stylish enough to keep my kids happy.

That’s why this year P is sporting this fab Shark lunchbox from Joules.


It is a dark blue lunch box, which is perfect for my messy whirlwind. It is made of 100% polyester and has a cute slogan “Let’s Do Lunch” printed inside the shark’s mouth.

In the past, P has destroyed many of the plastic fronted lunch boxes by pulling off the front or stabbing pencils through the cover. This lunchbox is made with a woven material outside which is harder to destroy. So I have the peace of mind to know it will stand up to the onslaught P is going to put it through.

The design on the front is both appealing and fun for my 8-year-old, who thinks sharks are cool.


The lunchbox comes with a plastic container for the sandwiches or fruit. Which is something you don’t get with the cheaper options. So I know long had to buy sandwich bags or go out and spend extra money of the separate containers.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much room the bag contained. It is bigger than most typical lunch boxes.  But I like that because it means I don’t need to worry about squashed sandwiches.


P totally adores this lunch box and so far it has stood up to being thrown, dropped and stood on. Even the plastic container didn’t break. Although I wouldn’t advise trying this because I think we were just lucky.

They also have it in a Pink Floral with a Guinea pig cover for girls on the House of Fraser website.

Both lunch boxes cost £16.95 each. But if you add up how much a normal lunchbox and container costs you are looking at paying a similar price.

In my honest opinion, the quality of this product far out ways the price compared to the cheaper lunch boxes. So you get great value for money.

x Nikki x

* I received this product in exchange for this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Disney Sofia the First #SofiaAdventures

Disney has been a massive part of my life growing up and it is great to see that my children share that love. While my kids have all watch different programs on Disney. E has always been in love with Disney Jr because of Doc Mcstuffins and of course Disney Jr’s very own Disney princess, Sofia the First.

We have spent hours watching each and every episode. Her favourite is Sofia the First and the Curse of Princess Ivy. We have watched that repeatedly for weeks when it first came on our screens.

That why when I was sent a box of Sofia the First collectables from Jakks Pacifics. I knew that E would love them and it was just in time for her 5th birthday. Which meant that the birthday princess could enjoy the new range Sofia the First playsets on her big day.

The bundle I was sent, was bursting with great toys, including;

  • Sofia the First with royal friend 3″ figures
    img_1368We received a figure of Sofia with her best friend and pet rabbit clover, plus figures of her two friends Rudy and Jade. each figure comes with one animal included in the set. Jade come with Crackle the dragon, whereas Ruby has a cute little blue bird. All the characters are dressed the iconic outfits they wear on the show, but to complete the set you would need to collect Sofia in her 3 different outfits as well as the Amber, Ruby and Jade figurines. They cost £5.99 a pack but are great for letting your little ones explore and create their own little Sofia the First world.
  • Sofia the First mini Playset
    img_1372In the magical kingdom of Enchancia, you get a chance to go on some amazing and once in a lifetime adventures. The kind that you only dream up in your imagination. Now, thanks to the Sofia the First Mini playset, your little one can dream up their own Sofia the first adventure. Whether it is painting in the studio with Sofia herself or getting dressed up with Princess Amber. There is loads to keep little ones happy.
    Sofia’s mini playset, you  can help SSofiapaint the canvas with water and watch the image or colours appear. Then leave it to dry and you can paint over it again.
    Amber’s mini playset, you help her get ready for a royal ball in the royal closet with a spinning mirror and accessories.
    Each set cost £9.99
  • Sofia the First Royal Camera costs £9.99.
    This fun toy is fun for children of all ages as it has loads of fun features, like removable lenses and realistic shutter sounds. But when you look through the veiw finder you as confronted by 8 colourful and delightful scenes. All of which are of Sofia and her family and friends.
  • Sofia the First Royal Tiara
    E adored this becuase it meant that she could be a princess. She loves all things shiny and it meant that she had a tiara of her own. Cost £6.99
  • Sofia the First back pack
    img_1366This beautiful bag in bigger then your average size childrens bag. Which was great for us and E becuase it meant she could fit all her new toys in to it. It cost £12.99 and has a lovely image of Sofia the first printed on it.

When E opened all her presents on her birthday to find these great gifts from Jakks, she was thrilled. The Sofia the first miniture adventure collection would make great gifts for your littles ones on theit birthday’s  and christmas.


They’re just what every little princess needs and can all be found in Smyths toy stores.

Plus you can catch the new episodes of Sofia the First on Disney Junior, weekdays at 4.30pm for 2 weeks from 10th October.


x Nikki x

*I recieved these playsets so I could review them. All thought and opinions are my own.

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Officially a Tween!

This week T turn 12!


When did that happen?

It still doesn’t feel right that I have a child in high school and it really feels wrong saying he is a Tween!

While I do love watching my children grow up and turn into awesome people. Recently when I look at T, I start to feel old and worry about what the future has in store for him. 

Then comes the realisation that for T the future is not that far off. He is no longer my little baby but instead he is growing up and starting to become a young man.

And that scares the crap out of me!

I keep thinking about what I was like at his age and I get scared about the fact that soon he will be out on a night with friends. I believe he already has a girlfriend, even though he says their “just friend”. Who he walks home from school every day.

The thought that next year he will be a teenager, terrifies me and I find myself hoping he doesn’t follow in my footsteps and mistakes like I did or become a parent at 16.

I want so much for my son because I know he will do great things. He just needs to navigate the minefield that is the teenage years to come and everything will be fine.

I just hope that he will let me help him and see me as an ally and not the enemy.

While I come to terms with the fact that my cheeky faced little boy is soon going to be all grown up.


And is no longer a baby.

Nikki x

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A York Adventure

York is a bustling city that is completely surrounded by a wall. It is a beautiful historical city that is filled with amazing cultural sites and museums, some of which are free entry. This is great if you are wanting to take your family for a fun day out on a budget.

That is why my family and I plus my sister-in-law and her family choose to go to York and have an adventure.

We all met up in Bradford train station on the morning and got a direct train to York station. I had been to been to York with my T and P when they were younger. But this was the first time my hubby, E and LM would have been.

We had arranged for us to all go and visit National Railway Museum, York. This is because it is close to York station, so we couldn’t really get that lost. Plus the museum its self is free entry, although they do ask for a donation.


We wandered round looking at all the old trains, looking at the regal carriages that were once used to transport the like of Queen Victoria and the Royal family. The Children enjoyed exploring the different trains and pretending to be going off on the Hogwarts express.


We all found out some fascinating facts about the different trains and even got to look at some of the really old horse pulled carriages, as well as all the grand and beautiful steam engines.


Soon the younger one started to get fussing because they wanted to go and explore too. So we decided to go sit in the patio/garden area and have the picnic we had brought with us. Then it was back inside to explore some more.

So we entered the room full of locomotives. It was then that I noticed the new addition to the museum, the Under 5’s area. This was great because it meant LM and her cousins could get out and stretch their legs. E Loved playing with all the Different toys, while LM playing with the train tracks. The Hubby and brother-in-law went for a walk round all the locomotives, while his sister and I stayed with younger ones.


While the younger 2 were playing, I really got to see E’s and LM’s sisterly bond in action. I could watch how nicely they played together all day.


After everyone had looked round we decided we had, had enough of the museum. Because there really are only some many different types of trains you can see. So we went to go explore York.

The sun was shining at full force that day. Which meant we had to have ice creams while exploring the Museum and Memorial gardens. We stood on the on the bridge and looked out along the river Ooze. It was truly beautiful.


There is something really relaxing about watching the boats float along while you bask in the blazing sun.

By 3pm we were exhausted and decided it was time to start heading home. The kids had a great time out and I have utterly fallen in love with York. So much so that The Hubby and I have even been planning a day out to York, just us while the kids are in school and nursery.

This enchanting city has captured my heart and I can’t wait to go back.

x Nikki x

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OnRoundHay Festival

On Saturday 17th September, Roundhay Park in Leeds is holding its first Music, Food and Family Entertainment Festival.


I must say that I am excited at hearing about OnRoundhay festival. This is the first time in 10 years that live music event will return to Roundhay Park.

OnRoundhay Festival in partnership with John Lewis is going to be the ultimate day out, with a fantastic line-up of amazing artists, an array of mouthwatering food and drink experiences plus a fun-filled program of entertainment for all ages.

The live music line up consist of the multi-platinum selling James, who will be performing fresh from their triumphant set at Glastonbury.


Their new album ‘Girl at the End of the World’ made it all the way to number two in the charts earlier this year. Although they’re more well known for the songs ‘Sit Down’ and She’s a Star’.

They will co-headlining with the Scottish rock legends Primal Scream, who have also had a great year due to the release of their Top 20 album ‘Chaosmosis’ and a string os Critically acclaimed live performances.


There will also be the London four-piece Wolf Alice, one of the breakthrough bands in the last year. They have totally torn up the Indie Rulebook, by mixing together Candyfloss melodies with a stridal Grungy edge.

Max Jury will easily entertain the fans at OnRoundhay with their heartfelt, country-tinged Indie-pop music. Or maybe the 7 piece The Haggis Horns will be what everyone wants to hear.

No matter what your taste in music is, I am sure there will be something to get you grooving.


If you’re more into tantalising your taste buds then shaking your groove thing, the array of pop-up food stalls and street foods will whet your appetite. There will be great tastes and cuisines to go along with the world-class entertainment.

This is because Leeds Indie Foods have been working in partnerships with John Lewis Food Village and will have a packed dining experience, plus demonstrations from celebrity chefs.


For the younger festival goers, there will be a Puffin World Of Stories, where your little one can get lost in a world of books. They may even see a few of their favourite characters too.

The Wimpy Kid Show, which is a must if your kids and Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans, like mine, plus Cbeebies The Clangers will be there. As well as a Village Green Sports Day, which will be filled with book-themed activities such as egg and spoon races, sack races and loads of other book-themed fun. For more creative children there will be arts and craft activities to enjoy and if your child dresses up as their favourite book character they will win Prizes.


So you can see why OnRoundhay is shaping up to be the must-go-to event on the Yorkshire calendar and would be a great way send off the summer with one last festival.

Ticket Prices & Information: 

Adult Ticket (13 and over)– £45

Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children 13-16 years old) – £100

U12 (12 and Under) Ticket – FREE

and can be purchased HERE


*This is a sponsored post

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